Life At IIFT So Far

A guy who’s neither excited, nor anxious but someone who’s walking in there with a feeling of nothingness and openness, I was surprising myself with the wind that became a storm as soon as I entered this small yet beautiful campus. Being in the vicinity of “Sanjay Van” (a forest area), the atmosphere was both pleasant as well as scary, one surprise followed another.

The place was lively surrounded by dhabas and Food trucks having attracted crowds from other B schools as well. As soon as I entered the gate and walked downslope, the famous “Wings of Wisdom” statue became bigger and clearer which gave me Goosebumps. The much-heard thing was a reality and it was as aesthetic as I thought or perhaps even more. The ‘Wings of Wisdom’ symbolises the spirit of freedom; the knowledge to scale success in life; and the path to spirituality.

Then I entered the main block being guided upstairs towards the auditorium. State of the art infrastructure and the decorations were a delight to watch. Induction videos were mesmerising and gave me a sense of belongingness to this campus. I was allotted Section-B for the academic sessions. One whole week of PDP was pretty intense and something which was out of the box. We were taught basic hygiene and I felt I was better prepared for this journey after that week.

I was waiting for the classes to start and wanted to know who my classmates were going to be. Aashay is a typical gujarati and he finds me funny. I usually make good friends with people who find me funny and eventually enjoy my company. He’s one of those. One serious look from Abha can turn a lion into a meek little rat. Adarsh at first looked imposing and loud but he’s cheerful and easy going. Akanksha had been in touch before joining the college and she’s very calm and task oriented. Akshay Bhutada is a guy I love having fun with and we really get along well. Ameesha called me ultra-cute (not often has that occurred to me) and I guess she was being sarcastic (now that has occurred to me before). Anjela, the versatile girl is someone I’m looking forward to for notes during exams. Ankit Moonka with 4.5 years of work experience is surely the fatherly figure in this class. Ankush, the fellow Punjabi guy is infamous for getting asleep during sessions and this daring guy does it outright on the very first bench. Arushi is the bubbly girl who has a world of her own and she seldom returns to the real world. Ayesha is one of the nicest persons I’ve ever met. Gaurav calls me Harshit for no reason and understandably so he’s called Gaurang. Hema is my best friend in the class. Dhruval is one of the most well-mannered guys I’ve ever met. Hyungjan, the guy from S.Korea brings in a wealth of experience and diversity along with that subtle humour of his. Jyotsana and I have had fair share of ups and downs in our friendship and it was sugar that pleased her before and now it’s been coffee (not a tough girl it seems!!). Abhijeet is a guy I can bank upon and I believe we can take this friendship beyond these walls of the campus. Prakhar Singhal is the guy who’s effortlessly funny and he tends to do things quite opposite of what’s expected out of him, making himself a laughing stock… top guy though!! Preeti is the only girl on campus that flirts with me and I don’t know what’s in there in that face of mine that makes her laugh as soon as she sees me. Priyank is an affable guy, our frequencies match and I spend a lot of time with him. Snehashish Tanya aka Tanu rhyming my nickname Manu had caused a funny coincidence in the territory, only to be cooled off later. Vidushi is the OpSigma girl and she’s a sweetheart.


ABG Company:

ABG company that I’d love to work for is Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited because I associate myself with its brands like Louis Philippe, Van Heusen, Allen Solly and Peter England. More often than not, these are the brands I wear and feel comfortable in. Ready-to-wear western and ethnic apparel is what its other brands like People, Pantaloons, forever 21 and Planet Fashion specialise in and something that is indispensable to our wardrobes and if given a chance, I’d like look into the finest details in their making.

IIFT Placement Commitee

- IIFT Placement Committee