Life At IIM Shillong

After all the CAT preparations, and the rigorous selection process of the B-Schools I finally made it to IIM Shillong, The Campus In Clouds. The journey so far has been quite like a roller coaster ride where each day we face a new challenge which disrupts our status quo. We have been shaken out of our normal and relaxed lives and made to face the realities of the corporate life. We at IIM Shillong have deep respect for the society and hence we constantly endeavor to give back to them. We consider it as our responsibility to take care of nature and have inculcated sustainability in all our operations. We work as a family where everyone keeps the other motivated through the highs and lows. There is a feeling of mutual sharing and a deeper bond among us. Together we face the upheavals in the path and united we party after the gloomy days. The birthday of each student is celebrated as a festival in the campus as all the folks join in the midnight craziness. The demarcation between the days and the nights have faded as we can find the hostel lights open till late in these cold nights. The only survival strategy is to keep hustling. We live in the natures abode between the calmness of the mountains, the beauty of the forests and the lovely localities. We have the night canteen which satiates our late night cravings. The mess is the common meeting place for the 180 odd people who have poured in from all the corners of India representing different regions, cultures, ethnicities, languages and academic backgrounds. Our batch has been privileged enough to boast of a high diversity which would allow greater intermingling of ideas and peer learning. The students are more than willing to help each others out in their respective areas of expertize so that the whole batch can learn and grow together. I am confident that this bond will grow stronger by the day and will even survive the test of time during the placements season when everyone rejoices when a fellowmate gets placed in his/her dream company. Irrespective of competition it is this amicableness which sets IIM Shillong apart from any other B-School. The professors whom we fondly consider as facilitators bring out the best in us through their facilitation and nurture. The classes are made interesting through a proper mix of all forms of pedagogy. The focus is not on rote learning but on practical application and understanding. The seniors are always there as a support system guiding us through this journey. I hope to make the maximum out of these 2 years of my life and imbibe all the qualities I had aspired for before enrolling myself for this curriculum.

Which ABG Company and Why?

I would love to work in Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited and would sincerely hope that they visit our campus this placement season. The company has been constantly and creatively disrupting and revolutionizing the fashion industry in the country. It sets the fashion mantra for millions of Indians and have few of the biggest brands under their banner. I would love to be associated with the brand because of my personal interest in the fashion space. I have worked in this industry in my father’s business and it would indeed be a great learning experience to work here. I would want to be a part of its growth story while actively contributing in that direction.


Ashish Chamria

PGP 1st Year

IIM Shillong

IIM Shillong Placement Committee

Placement Committee of IIM Shillong