Life At IIM Trichy – Akshay Rajendra Gawli

IIMs are known for their rigorous academics, tight deadlines and industry accolades. This culture developed by the IIMs over the years has nurtured countless budding leaders who have made a mark across the globe. IIM Trichy is proudly following the legacy of the IIMs and its alumni are held in high prestige by organizations all around the world. Rigorous academic schedule and several club and committee activities ensure that the students are always on their toes and thus, are prepared for the relentless corporate life.

An outstanding feature of IIM Trichy is its campus. The institute has recently moved to a new state of the art campus that is equipped with all sorts of modern facilities and is spread over 175 acres of land. The infrastructure boasts of IoT based smart classrooms, a world class library, single occupancy air conditioned classrooms and a sports complex with multiple facilities. The campus is well connected with airport facilitating easy access to major domestic and international destinations.

IIM Trichy recognises the fact that faculty members from various educational backgrounds and diverse cultural experiences can contribute immensely to the overall growth of pupils. Hence, the institute maintains a diverse group of faculty which makes the classroom experience fun and their real world approach to teaching makes the lectures enriching. The professors are distinguished alumni from prestigious institutions and have worked in well-known companies. The strong faculty and alumni network ropes in industry experts and leaders from all walks of life for guest lectures which prove very valuable as they provide insights about the industry trends and corporate culture. It is such proximity and exposure to the industry that has made IIM Trichy one of the top B-schools of the nation with partners across foreign institutes and companies.

With several international programs running in the institute and vital international relationships built over time, IIM Trichy offers a Foreign exchange program with institutes in Europe, United States, South America and Asia. International Relation program such as Indian Youth Delegate Program and curriculum based subjects such as International business practice and International week are some of the programs which provide plenty of opportunities to the students and a great international exposure.

Extracurricular activities and even the academics are driven by various student bodies under the mentorship of the professors. Various clubs and committees ensure that the learning is not restricted to the classroom. The new campus is instrumental in this pursuit as it creates avenues for new ideas and initiatives. The academic clubs organize B-school competitions, quizzes, live projects and workshops. The revered management festival of IIM Trichy involves management competitions, corporate challenges and guest speaker interactions that attract students from premiere B-schools of the country. The extracurricular activities involve academics supporting initiatives, sports, cultural and social events. Several NGOs are closely associated with IIM Trichy. Make A Difference (MAD) is one such project that has been made a mandatory part of the curriculum and it is aimed at solving social issues.

The sports complex consists of swimming pool, gymnasium, equipment and infrastructure for several indoor sports and grounds and courts for various outdoors sports. The Sports committee hosts intra as well as inter college competitions. Inaugural events such as Aarambh and Kurukshetra are organized to identify talents and interests of the new incoming students. Auction based events for the sports of Football (ITFL) and Cricket (ITCL) give the students a glimpse of the auction based events and are one of the most happening events on the campus. The flagship sports event of IIM Trichy is Sangram. During Sangram, all the IIMs from south India battle out on the field to prove their mettle in sports.

Cultural Programs and Festivals take place throughout the year and are hosted by the cultural committee. Right from welcoming the new incoming batch to bidding farewell to the outgoing batch, everything is managed by the cultural committee. Every festival is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm on campus. The Cultural Fests Dhruva and Sanskriti showcase the talents of the students.

IIM Trichy is an institute that believes in the overall development of the students and it provides them a platform for their holistic development. The future leaders are made to work on real time problems and given the position of responsibilities to ensure multifaceted growth.

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This article is written by Akshay Rajendra Gawli – Class of 2019

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