Life At IIM U – Varnit Agarwal, IIM Udaipur

IIM U has one of the biggest campuses in India. The campus has a picturesque view and is surrounded by hills/mountains. It has all the facilities which a premium B school has. The classroom is very good and the infrastructure which is complete or the planned infrastructure in which a person can imagine is mind-boggling. The faculty members who are teaching us is also of very good quality. All of them have a very good experience and have already a good name in the industry. The guest lectures and team building activities which were organized by the college for the new batch were also very helpful in realising the weakness and strong points as an individual. Most of the college activities are student driven and students are considered as the building blocks of pillars of IIM U. All these things give us immense pleasure and motivation to make the institution as one of the best B school in the world.

Classrooms in IIM U has all the advanced features and very strict attendance system. It has 3 check system for the students. It includes biometrics followed by the signature and at last the image clicked when you are on the seat. IIM U has a great focus on academics. Classrooms of IIM U also follow the core value system of IIM U and teaches us those values in some of the other way. The core value includes academic excellence, integrity, transparency, mutual respect, inclusion, environmental consciousness.

In our batch, there are around 260 students who are from various fields which brings a lot of diversity not only in the class but also in the personal life as well. Due to the diversity involved, I get to know something new whenever I interact with someone. The campus has around 600 students on the campus and everybody has some or the other kind of experience in some or the other field. During the first week, all of us interacted a lot with each other during the new tough timetable. The age group here is also very strange as in my batch there is an age difference of about 12 years which makes things interesting. It is great and exciting to know the experience of different people who have lived in a different part of the country. All the people are supportive and are always up for the conversation.

Which ABG company I want to work for?

I want to work in IDEA Cellular Limited as telecommunication sector is at the boom as of now and a lot of innovation is taking place in that sector which I think will be beneficial in the aspect of growth in the future. IDEA company has nearly 200 million customer base and annual revenue of more than US$ 5 billion. There are several advancements being made in this sector which makes it a lucrative area to work in. I feel that I will be able to express my talent in this company and make the most of the opportunity.

IIM Udaipur Placement Committee

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