What Life Is Like At IIM Rohtak – A Glimpse

Firstly talking about the classroom experience in IIM reminds us about the intensive case studies the pre-readings for each course which comes as a package for each class. Every class has a unique characteristic and adds some new value to the knowledge of the student as an individual. The professor makes us feel as the protagonist of the case that is being discussed in the class and makes us take tough decisions most appropriate for the case. The uniqueness of most of the case based discussion is that the professor doesn’t give us any concrete solution to a particular problem but guides us in a direction that helps to make our own decision wisely. There were several interesting case studies which takes us to the different cultures, countries and time frames and makes us more aware about the business cirucmstances which involves decision making.

Secondly, the peer to peer learnings during the case preparations is another imporatant aspect of the B-School which involves lots of brain storming sessions through. The case presentations or the assignments before the classes are part of your daily routine when you stay in the B-School. It sometimes takes till late nights for the completion and you need to be present the next day in the class. Attendance is another crucial parameter for evaluation in the academics and everyone of us is challenged to strike a right balance to the sleep cycle and the academics. Maintaining an optimal sleep cycle leads to a positive impact on the performance for the day. Sleep deprivation would lead to several unwanted frustrations that comes up along with the stressfull schedule for the day. Other factors like proper diet, physical excercises all act as a catalyst for a healthy lifestyle which directly impact our academic performances. All these factors are taken care to ensure that we extract the maximum from our classroom discussions.

Another added benefit that comes with each course is a final project. The professor of a particular subject asks us to take a practical problem related to a company or an industry and asks us to apply the concepts that we have learned through that course. This is my favourite part of the class room experience since this provides a wider application of the concepts and also helps us to know the knitty gritty of a company or an industry. It also involves us to have discussions with the industry leaders to get to know the various business aspects that basically comes from vast experience.

Which ABG Company do you want to work for and why?

I am very much interested in the retail industry of ABG organization because of my deep interest generated from subjects like Marketing research, consumer behavior, sales and distribution and strategy has increased multiple times since joining this college. The retail industry in our country is going for a paradigm shift giving vast number of opportunities and challenges for the business organizations in India. I am confident that the concept and the skills I gained through my MBA programc would help me excel and provide me a platform to learn extensively