Life At MBA (HRD) Delhi School Of Economics – Sana Samad

It is rightly said, chase your dreams until you reach the epitome of success. This thought has been the driving force of my life. My aim was to do MBA in Human Resource Management from a reputed business school so that I could be qualified enough to construct a congenial and immersive atmosphere for one of the most important resources in any company that I work for.

I completed B.Com (Hons) in 2016 from SRCC and entered the world of MBA afterwards. At the time of admission, I had to choose between IIM Indore and Delhi School of Economics. After weighing down all the pros and cons, I chose Delhi School of Economics that fortunately enough offered my dream course. The initial two weeks were the most excruciating for me because I wasn’t able to handle the outburst of emotions from entering into an unchartered territory away from my friends. My parents and friends motivated me and gave me the strength to stand afoot and make the most of the opportunity that has been given to me. I was the first visually impaired student, so I had to explain to my professors and classmates about my requirements but I was glad that they supported me throughout and encouraged me to pursue my passion. During my journey, I realised that there is a lot of difference between a professional course and any other course. Professional courses play a pivotal role in shaping your personality and preparing you for any situation be it. You learn how to do hard as well as smart work constantly to achieve success.

People say it is a mad race of getting placed in reputed companies but I feel it’s a race to triumph over your old self who tries hard to stay in the boundaries that one has created over time. DSE serves the purpose rightly by giving us a lot of exposure in terms of interaction with industrialists and giving a feel of the corporate culture by associating us with various committees such as Student Development Cell, Corporate Relationship Team, Media Outreach Cell, etc. all of which are student-driven committees. It also provides us with a platform to gain practical knowledge by providing various summer internship opportunities. I also got a chance to learn a lot about the trends in HR from the experts. DSE gives us the liberty to think out of the box and allows us to implement new ideas.

It has helped me in identifying my potential and innate talent. I would always be grateful to this institution for paving the way for my holistic development. At the same time, I would keep these lessons ingrained in my heart to strive for excellence wherever I go in life.

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