Life At MDI Is What You Make It

‘If the path be beautiful, let us not ask where it leads’


This beautiful quote by Antone France perfectly describes my initial days here at MDI Gurgaon.  As I set to pen my thoughts after an unparalled, unpredictable and unexpected first month at the campus. When I walked through the gates of the campus for the very first time, there was a sense of apprehension. Yet on the very first day, I was bewildered by the silence. Yes, silence! It is one of the best things that the campus has to offer.  Although situated at the centre of the ‘The new maximum city”, Gurgaon, this 40 acres of lush green campus is serene and tranquil and all other adjectives the Google thesaurus can suggest. During rains, the campus looks so lush green and refreshing with petrichor brimming around the fields and drew drops glistening on the blades of grass.

Ever since the results came out and I was selected to be a part of MDI Gurgaon, I used to look up on the Internet, reading blogs and articles about life at this place.  Yet all the experiences that I read about were not stuck in my mind until I joined the campus. The charm and the grace of the place, you’d have to witness it to feel it.  The red bricks of the campus’ buildings give an aura of perspicacity to the campus. Each building has a unique name reflecting the values of the institute. The academic building is ‘Gurukul’, the hostels are named as ‘Change Masters’ and ‘Thought Leaders’, the library is the ‘Gyan Grih’ and the secondary academic building is ‘Lakshya’.

At night, the campus is not only abuzz with cricket sounds, but also with the untiring soul of a typical Mandevian. Sharma ji’, ‘Computer centre’, ‘Library’ are among the few hangouts of the campus at night. Sharma Ji is the name of the person who runs a late-night cafeteria in the campus and is famous for his snacks. It is filled with people having late night coffee to keep themselves awake, or gorging on the food while discussing the next case study or a live project at hand. People keep on rushing to the computer centre to complete their assignments.

Every campus has some peculiar and fun things attached to it, one that is gloriously peculiar for MDI is ‘Jha ji’. He is a Parantha stall owner who comes to our campus only at midnight, say, from 12 am to 5 am. He probably makes the best paranthas I have ever tasted, and a lot of people can vouch for that. Although, he is a pretty slow guy and probably a lazy one at that because he skips coming to campus many a time. Finally when he comes, the crowds outside his stall are huge in the middle of the night and due to his slow nature, people have to wait for hours to get a single parantha (no exaggeration there). Well worth the wait though. The anticipation of his arrival is so high that whenever he comes, a mail to all the batches is circulated by someone who sees him coming or whoever calls him to check whether he is coming. ‘Jha ji on campus’ is a celebration time.

It is a rather correct saying that our life is what we make it and this is especially true for the students of MDI Gurgaon as ‘life at MDI is what you make it’.



Having a penchant for finance drives me to join one of India’s largest financial service players, Aditya Birla Capital Limited. It would provide me with a top opportunity to apply the concepts learned and the theories taught during the course.  Roles such as Financial Advisor or Research Analyst would be a perfect fit to the dream job that I would want to attain after the roller coaster ride that is MDI Gurgaon.