“Life At MDI: A Roller Coaster Ride”

A girl from a small town, entering from the gate of MDI, stepping into a new phase of life, with mixed emotions, excitement on one side and little panic on the other. Mind full of thoughts, how is life going to be, what kind of people I will meet, what hurdles will come in the way. Here she is, a campus away from the traffic of Gurgaon with its own natural beauty that was going to be home for coming two years.

Life here at MDI has been a roller coaster ride. From the whole day sessions of induction week, knowing about the college to here after one month here feels like a blink of an eye. With the day starting with a quick breakfast and rushing to the classes at 8:30am- lectures, presentations, assignments, guest lectures till 5:30 is the daily routine. The day actually starts after that. Students rushing to SharmaJi to have some quick snacks and then to complete their case studies, assignments – deadline being the end of the day. “Sleep” is something which is unknown to people here at MDI. At any point in time, somewhere somebody can be seen either gossiping or rushing to each other’s room to meet the deadlines. The real power of “Power Naps” is something that every Mandevian is aware of.

Life is a total mix of work and fun. The quote fits the best “Work hard and Party even harder”. Interacting with the peers of diverse backgrounds is the most fun part. Everything has some unique quality, and learning from all of your peers is totally a different experience. Along with work pressure, you have little moments to enjoy, be it gossip over tea at SharmaJi or sledging your friends at the mess table. The bonding you form, the friends you make, the people you meet makes this journey even more enjoyable.

A lot has been learnt and a lot is yet to explore. These days have taught the real value of time. The days have taught, if you want to achieve something, you need to come out of your comfort level.

“MDI has been a journey with lots of new faces to know, lots of problems to solve, lots of deadlines to meet, lots of lessons to learn but most of all experiences to enjoy”

Which ABG company would I want to work for and why?

I want to join Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited as a marketing manager. It is India’s biggest fashion retail entity and has been voted as ‘India’s most trusted fashion retailer’, working with them will help me in understanding the customer requirements and brand building with a focus on design. I will be a part of team where I will be able to devise marketing and brand strategies which will help me in improving my understanding of marketplace.

Placecom MDI

The author of this post is the Corporate Relations and Placement Committee of MDI Gurgaon.