The Life And Times At IIM Trichy

What makes IIM Trichy unique?

“All your life you wait, and then it finally comes, are you ready?”

―Anthony Doerr,All the Light We Cannot See

Life at IIM Trichy gave me experiences like nothing else I have seen before. When you arrive at campus, the façade has an innate tendency to stun you, and give you that feeling that you made it to a place that is the stuff thousands of dreams are made up of. And once you are through the arch, the rest of the campus is equally breath taking. Prophesised to be one of the most modern campuses to be built in this country, the 175-acre land is planned in a manner that utility inspires sophistication and responsibility. It is the first among all IIMs to highlight energy efficiency with a 2MW solar power plant.

The importance of a physical environment that is conducive to learning is tangible as the tastefully designed classrooms are structured in the Harvard horseshoe seating arrangement to bring out the diverse perspectives of peers from backgrounds such as Arts, Chartered Accountancy, Medicine, Commerce, Engineering as well as Entrepreneurs. The motto “Knowledge is Limitless” is brought out by the quality of discussions brought out by women and men of different experiences with equal rigor. The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) is an architectural wonder in its own right and the beating heart of the campus with all major lanes leading to it. State-of-the-art facilities such as the Finance Lab, Behavioural Lab, the Centre for Science and Analytics (CMSA), gives the sense of responsibility to use them well. A single occupancy room brings with it the space to let the mind explore in peace and think, to reach the highest aspirations.

The Second most beautiful aspect of IIM Trichy, in my opinion is the styles of the Professors. They are quirky, intriguing, self-assured, and above all have the capacity to bring out our truest selves, which is the foundation on which leadership is built. These are the same leadership qualities that you see yourself develop that you could not imagine yourself ever having. Then, you realise that it is the professors who go that extra mile that make it so.

They are often young at heart and forge a connect with their students by teaching in a manner that is most comprehensible by students sometimes going as much as quoting popular sitcoms and movies, to showing us relevant memes and videos. All of this, to motivate us to come to class and feel the power of knowledge and peers who are worth every second of the time spent at IIM Trichy. That’s when you know that the universe has a plan and it is up to you to see it through.

Which ABG company would I want to work for and why?

I would like to work for Ultratech Cement Limited, the fastest growing business which is ranked number one cement player in India and number three globally. It is the highest revenue making business in Aditya Birla group (i.e. 11% share of all businesses). Approximately, 70% of any household income is invested into homemaking and cement is the main product for homemaking. It would be a great opportunity to work in the highly competitive industry like Ultratech cement which offers their employees a platform to showcase their skills, innovation and creativity.

This article is written by Sondagar Bhavesh Chandrakant – Class of 2019

IIM Trichy Placement Team

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