List Of Free Resources To Study GK For IIFT/SNAP/XAT

General awareness or general knowledge is something which is not asked in the CAT paper but being an MBA aspirant one should always be updated about the happening around the world. Because it can be used to crack GDs and interviews after the exam which is also a part of the selection process. Also, exams like IIFT and XAT asks GK in their paper itself. Thus, whatever be the reason you should always keep yourself updated about day to day happening around the world.

For improving GK you can follow any resource through the internet and there are also books available in the market for the same. But sometimes aspirants get confused and cannot select that which could be the best resource to look for. So, here I have compiled some good resources to study GK and current affairs. Whether you like online reading or from a book choose according to your preferences.

1) Knappily – It is an App which is abbreviated for “The Knowledge App Daily”. The app is awesome for GK and current affairs. The contents of this app come with the answer to 5Ws and 1H. Also, there are options to make a selection on the topics you would prefer reading. This is the only news app from India featured in Google Editor’s Choice-2018.

2) – Though this website mainly focuses on Civil Services, Bank, and State Level exams. One can get very good content for GK from this website. The only thing you have to is to become a tyari plus member which costs INR 400 for a year. After becoming the member you will monthly pdf of the happening around the world. Not only this a tyari plus member also has access to unlimited tests on his portal. So, one can have a better test of his/her knowledge.

3) InsideIIM weekly news burger – You are already aware of the high-quality content published by this community. So, they also produce content related to current affairs and GK which are weekly based and very easy to access. Once you register on the website for free it will automatically pop in the notifications.

4) – This is another website which mainly focuses on GK and current affairs. There are separate sections for current affairs and GK.

It also has numerous tests in which you can appear and test your knowledge.

5) TedX – The Ted talk videos are also very helpful to improve GK and current affairs if one listens to it seriously. Listening to the ted speakers is phenomenal as it also improves your English.

6) GK and current affairs – This one is for the guys who love spending time on social media i.e Facebook. There are different groups on facebook where numerous contents related to GK and current affairs are posted every day.

7) – This site is the home for the Indian bloggers. Here you can read blogs which can help you to improve GK. The blogs are categorized into different types. You can select any type whatever is more interesting for you.

8) Manorama yearbook – This yearbook is another very good option to improve GK. It is published every year by Manorama group. For those who love reading books should go for this.

9) Wizard/Pratiyogita Darpan/ Deccan Chronicle – These are magazines which are also very useful for GK. These magazines are very interesting to read and contain very high-quality content. Aspirants can also prefer “The Economist”.

10)Daily Newspaper – Most general way to study and improve GK is to read newspapers daily. The aspirants should prefer The Hindu, Financial Express mostly for reading.

So, these are a few good resources to study GK and current affairs. You can choose any of the above options and start reading without wasting time to think which resource is better.

Happy Reading!

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sailesh jalan

Sailesh Jalan CAT 2018 Aspirant.