Little Breathers – Rohit Gathala, IIM Udaipur

On the first long weekend of the summer, when we had started to get dizzy from the workload, we thought it would be better for our mental health and of those around us to go for a road trip. And being in Udaipur we had plenty of options to choose from. Things tend to get a bit rowdy when the five of us take off like this, so we needed a place to supplement it. And thus began one of the great herculean labors of our times, searching for a hotel.

It’s kinda surprising how when you first start off the search, there are hundreds of hotels, but when you start putting in your parameter, so many of them seem to go off into smoke, so many seem to be false alarms and so many more just plain ridiculous. In our epic quest to find some place fit for rowdy people like us, and decided to deck on with a Resort

What we wanted was a resort which would take care of the unruly demands that we rowdy people came up with. During our stay the, they were at our beck and call at any time of the day and night because we were sure to make a real mess of things like any group of frustrated young people tend to make. Alright, we might have gone a tad overboard than the average, but I hope the housekeeping people aren’t cursing our oncoming generations. Not that they seemed the kind of people who would but I think we really may have pushed it too far..

During our stay there we had fun playing in the pool more than newborn water buffalos calves. We would sit for hours in the cool pool splashing around and playing with water balls and occasionally dancing to Shankara tunes in the background. Having an ice cold drought in hand and friends around you in the swimming pool, with the fading colors of the sun in the background, what more could you ask for?

It’s not that all we did for our vacation was just make splashes in the pool all day long…we went cycling around the city which is and its plethora of palaces, ghats and temples using the cycles provided by the hotel itself. Cycling through the dense jungles of the nearby Lake Pichola. Watching the sunrise from the hilltop and then going for an early morning tea at the local favorite in the Chandpole market along with some samosas with the smell to lure you from a mile away. Then after hounding the local markets for some souvenirs and trinkets, we came back to the resort for our pool dip and lunch to go with it.

The evenings were filled with pottery and magic shows and folk dances organized within the resort itself. All of this coupled with the relaxation and unwinding that we were looking for really did a number on us. It felt so good to be on a vacation to such a place that none of us had any inclination to even look towards the way home. But as they say duty calls. And here I am now…. Back to reality.

Which ABG company would I like to work for?

Aditya Birla Capital Limited is the company that I would be aiming to be working for within the ABG if given a chance. Considering that I wish to make a career in the Finance stream and ABCL is one of the top 5 fund managers financial services in India, it is a big platform to start one’s career.

Being a universal financial solutions provider and one of the largest financial services players in Indi, it is flexible enough to entail growth and value addition to a fresher joining up the ranks. Whether it is through serving the end-to-end financial needs of retail level or corporate customers.

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