Scored between 50 and 75 Percentile? Suggested Strategy and Options : 06:00 PM

There have been incessant queries from students who have scored on the lower side. Should I take CAT again? Should I join a Business School? Which schools should I apply to? All this and more will be discussed with ARKS Srinivas - IIM Calcutta alumnus and CEO of Vistamind.  

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The chat will start in 30 mins. You can post your queries in advance if you want.

The chat will focus on questions like - Which Business schools to apply to? Whether I should take CAT again? If I should drop MBA as a career option and pursue something else?

accuracy being good but i could attempt only 45 questions. CAT being my first paper. i was nervous

Should I go for CAT 2015?

Dear All, I am going to start the chat in five minutes. Before that it is very important to say that, there are more than 40000 students who would have got a percentile between 50 and 75. This also means that there is no reason to feel bad about the same.

hello sir, this year was my second attempt to CAT and i scored 50 percentile which was really shocking for me. I have 3.5 years of work experience in Finance field.I am completely exhausted and confused now and don't know what to do. shall I continue my preparation for 3rd attempt. My Job also sucks now. Due to CAT prepration for 2 years i did not learnt too much in job also. please advice.

There are a couple of decision that one has to take with such a percentile. It is clear that some of the top 30/40 B Schools are out of the purview. Hence, when aspiring for an MBA with such a percentile, there are risks involved in choosing a B School and spending TWO years there. Decision 1: Should one therefore take the risk? Decision 2: Should one write CAT 2015 !

This chat hopes to answer these questions along with answers to some individuals with their unique issues/problems

Dear Sir, i scored 78%ile.. This is my first attempt.Should i again appear or should i go for IBPS as i am selected for interviews and most probably will clear this.

part 2, now i am not interested in my work, my salary is not that good even though I work in a Big MNC and i really don't see growth in finance field without MBA degree. now am 25 years old. what shall i do? my marks in CAT 2014 has become a nightmare for me....am not able accept that i got 50prcntl. i did not do so bad in mocks also.

Hi Payal - Good Evening! The decision to go for CAT 2015 depends on a) If CAT 2014 was a first/second attempt b) How good your preparation was for CAT2014 c) Do you have the patience and will to study (for CAT) for the next 10 months d) How good are your academics and what are the things that you can hope for in CAT 2015 e) With the percentile you have, what is the best BSchool(s) you may get

Sir I got 69.68 percentile in cat14. Pls help where can I apply to. I am bba final year student & I also 76.19 percentile in cmat-sept.

Hence Payal - maybe you should ascertain this and take the decision!

Sir, I got just 66 percentile this time. My speed was not up to the mark , accuracy being quite good. I'm preparing for MH-CET now (jbims) , and then will start preparing for CAT-15 . What should be my ideal strategy from march ?

This was my first attempt and I think I do have patience to study. plus I want IIM only.

Hi Satish - With 3 years of experience, writing CAT next time may not be a good idea (you will have four years of work-ex by then). You may look at a ONE Year MBA through a GMAT. IBPS/SBI PO is not a bad option - however, remember that the growth is very slow. I would still suggest that you do an MBA (useful in the long run). Depending your current CTC, You may still look at some B Schools.

Hi Utkarsh - If this is your first attempt, then I say that you apply to some colleges and then depending on where you get a final selection, you can decide in April.

And this is my last year for under graduation

Hi Sir,I secured 68 percentile in CAT.This was my first attempt. I have 2 years of work ex currently.Although i was getting 80+ in all the mock tests I enrolled but i landed up in 60s. I am giving MICAT and CET this year. If I dont clear that should I prepare again next year or drop the plans.?

Sir I scored 79%tile. Where should I apply?

Payal - I suggest that you write CAT again. Take up a job and prepare seriously!

Sir I want admission in tier 1 colleges and that is impossible.I have only 2 choices, either IBPS PO or prepare again for CAT-15. I do have that patience to wait but i am not sure whether i will be ale to clear or not.

Niraj - if you are keen to pursue some MBA this year, then I suggest the following colleges at your percentile. : IMDR, Kirloskar, Alliance, SCMS Cochin, ITM, SDM IMD, MIT Pune, Apeejay Institute, IFIM, Vanguard, Jagan, PSG, Globsyn, EIILM, VIT Vellore, PIBM

Akshay - since you are looking at Mah CET, please improve your Speed. Take a lot of tests with the sole aim to increase your speed of attempts. You have to practice FAST decision making:) (for the questions)

also i have recently joined ICICI bank as Deputy manager band 1 , and i am a 2013 passout.

thanks sir, you are correct that MBA will be helpful in long run.however i am not interested in IBPS and PO. i want to have a career in investment banking. Not very sure of one year MBA will provide me specialisation on Finance.i got 80 percentile in CMAT through which i applied in Christ Bangalore. how wise is my decision as the fees of Christ is bit low.

Hi Riddhi - Unless there is an urgent need to do an MBA this year, I suggest that you look at writing next year again. Having said that, I would apply to a few colleges this year and secure a final selection and then look at taking a decision later.

Utkarsh - Write CAT 2015 - prepare well. We can help!

Continued....I have exp of 2 years in IT but my work was in shifts.Recently I got a job offer from a company that works on movie subtitles,will leaving IT and joining a complete new domain hamper my future perspectives?? The new company I am talking about has quite a chilled atmosphere and there are no shifts and work pressure.Please can you suggest something on this?

Hi Satish - Getting into Investment Banking is possible only through the top 5 to 6 colleges - ABCL, FMS, XL, ISB and maybe IITB and SP Jain. All others will not get you there. Even then, for IB, you have to be the top 5% of the class. Please be aware of the same. Christ will not give you that option and the fees are actually pretty high.

Read everything written by ARKS Srinivas here - http://vistamind.insideiim.com

Hi Riddhi - If you are keen on MBA, then shift to the new job.

Riddhi - since this is a chat, I may not give you elaborate reasons, but I can if you write to me on arkss@vistamind.com

Sir I scored 79%tile. Where should I apply? GEM. Sir please respond.

Hi Akash - The colleges which will give you a call are : UBS, Welingkar, IFMR, TAPMI, NIRMA, IIFM Bhopal BIMTECH, Christ, Amrita, BIMM, Amity

TAPMI and NIRMA have given at 80 percentile last year,

thank you so much for answering the questions.Just one more doubt I have. MICA says that they dont consider CAT as a criteria for selection. But can such low score(68),be a negative factor for me?

okay. so sir should I apply to NIRMA and TAPMI?

Riddhi - go ahead and give MICAT.

IF your verbal percentile is good, they will consider

Akash - Apply to NIRMA, skip TAPMI

my verbal is also around 68.

Okay. Yeah that is good because I am from Ahmedabad.

And sir what about IRMA?

IRMA last date I guess is over. Their exam is on Jan 25th

But sir there have been repeatitve posts from TI of MICA stating that CAT is not the criteria. I am very confused now.What should be done?

Please do check IRMA's last date.

gud evening sir..i scored 95.36 overall but my va section percentile is 73 only...sir do i stand ac hance in any of the good colleges now...confused what to do now..where to apply..any realistic chance anywhere?

Is there any chances ?

Yes Riddhi - that is not untrue - having said that, they do consider high Verbal scores. If your profile can make up for the bad percentile - then you may apply.

Ajitesh - most colleges at your percentile may not take sectional cutoffs. So don't worry

Ajitesh - go ahead and apply to IMT, IMI, KJ Somaiyya, IIT Kanpur, KGP, Madras (Assuming you are BTech), BIM Trichy, XIMB.

Profile : 10th-92 12th :86 BCA:79 exp:2 years IT ,played university zonals and states(basketball).Can this be of any use there?

Riddhi - any creative, organisational stuff?

sir can u suggest a few good colleges to apply at this percentile...and sir my acads (Xth:95 XIIth:91 B.tech:85)...do i stand a chance at SP JAIN?..and sir i have heard ximb needs a high va percentile..is it so?

Also, how good are you in your communication skills, reading? General Awareness?

Ajitesh - I have given you the names of the colleges you should apply to, above. XIMB will call you. You also have a good chance at SP Jain. But I guess the last date is done?

Sir I applied to IRMA. Is there any chance for me? If i perform good in ISC?

Creative is only blogs and company CSR activities.I have been preparing for a month now. Craetive writing, essay and media GK.So should I go ahead and fill the form?

sir i had filled up the forms of SPJAIN and MDI earlier...

okay...thank you very much sir.

Sir , I need a bit of guidance in detail, May i ask?By writing you a mail in detail?

Also sir , should I fill through XAT. I am expecting around 17-18 marks. VA : 8-9 DM-7-9 QA-3-4.Last date to fill MICA is 18th Jan and XAT scores will be declared later.So should I fill through XAT or should go ahead with CAT itself?

Sure Utkarsh ! - You are most welcome

sir one small query more...while selecting a college should i consider the batch size..as if the batch is humongous then better to leave it as being a fresher it would certainly be a big risk?

Suggest you to fill through XAT.

Ajitesh - Ideally yes. Unless it happens to be a IIM!

Working in tcs with decent salary score 52 this year..I lost my confidence . sometimes I see better to concentrate on job ..I have lost my confidence..plz suggest me sir

Okie sir.Thank You so much for answering all my queries.I needed some explanation on job change front.Can I mail you for the same?

sir, i got 76 in CAT, 89 in SNAP and 199 in NMAT. which colg should i aim for?

definitely i have no second thoughts about any of the iim..but it bothers me while looking at other good b schools...sir do i have a chnace in the newest iims(upcoming) for a call?

Hi Ram - this is not a problem. Lots of students go through this but come out trumps (if you persist). Please send me your details to give you proper advice.

I heard of SRCC GBO program.Is it worth applying for a person with 2 years of work-ex?

Yes Ajitesh - very much possible for the new (unannounced yet) IIMs

sir i want to ask whether ICFAI colleges are good or not?

I have no idea on the SRCC GBO program _ sorry can't comment

How can I send my detail to u ?

ICFAI - Hyderabad is supposedly decent with the top half of the class getting good jobs. The bottom half will have a problem.

Though i dont fall under this category, I scored 97.1 percentile. Final year undergrad. On one hand i feel I should join a b school this year. On the other hand I feel like writing again to score 99+. Colleges I'm aiming this year include IIM RRRUTK, NITIE, IMT, SPJAIN, IIM B,D,M,KGP. Interested in a career in investment banking. Whats your take on this?

Sir, i had quit my job for CAT prep and now cat scores being really bad, what should i do? in snap i got 89. which colg can i expect there and how is NM-Bang?

Animesh - SITM (SNAP), NM Bangalore (probably). I am giving you a set of colleges - please do some research and apply.

BIMTECH, Christ, Amrita, BIMM, Amity IMDR, Kirloskar, Alliance, SCMS Cochin, ITM, SDM IMD, MIT Pune, Apeejay Institute, IFIM, Vanguard, Jagan, PSG,

sir, is SIOM or SIIB not possible at my score?

Sir my profile is X:86, XII: 73, BE: 7.1 CGPA. I have given CAT 2014 without any real preparation and scored 55(OA). I am placed at HCL and I can't decide if I should take up the job and prepare simultaneously or drop an year? I'd really appreciate your valuable thoughts.

Hi Subham - If you have a good job from campus and you don't get a final selection from the SP Jain, NITIE, Some New IIMs, IITB/D - then write again.

Sir , I gave CAT without any prep or coaching. I scored 79.79 percentile. I am final yr B.tech. X-92 % XII-86% grad- 8.35 (so far). Can I get any decent colleges this time or should I give next year CAT with full prep. Plz help.

Animesh - SIOM is surely possible. SIIB, i am not very sure.

Abhinav - Since you have a job - take that up and prepare for CAT 2015!

sir, one more thing, does MBA in Operations have good prospects? i do not have much idea about it..

How should I approach my preparation, given the fact I still have 1 semester still left in college?

Saumyadip - I give you the same advice as I have given Abhinav, you should write CAT 2015 with full prep. You have a very decent profile.

Animesh - it does, but it depends on your interest.

I saw on a comment of yours that for investment banking, you should be in IIM ABCL, SpJain, XL etc. How about the same in new IIMs? IMT G, NITIE?

Abhinav - you may write to me on arkss@vistamind.com and I will give a detailed answer.

sir cat 77.94 snap 62 percentile .. army background plus catolic..applied for sims pune,liba hennai,sdmimd mysore...which all should i apply

x 90 x11 88.4 btech 88.4

Subham - Since there is very little chance of A and C. I would say your best chance for IB would be XL and SP Jain. Having said that, I would still consider the other institutes I have listed (if I have a final selection). My advice is simple, Get a final selection from these institutes and then take a decision closer to April/May!

sir i got only 50% in cat.. i am so confused whether to go for a job and prepare again for cat or just take admission in an mba college? please help sir

Also Subham - There are no real IB jobs in other institutes. Whatever the institutes may claim!

Sunny - you should get some of the colleges you have applied. However, with your profile - you may want to think of writing CAT again.

Hello , pardon my punctuality , my academics are as follows : 10th - 90.2% ,12th- 89.6 % ,B.Tech (industrial biotechnology) -7.5 , In CAT 14 i scored 77.7 percentile , I'll complete my college in june 2015 , I am planning to drop out and prepare for CAT 15 , is it advisable ? Also I was an NC-OBC candidate this year , but not very sure if I'll get the same certificate next year , so as of now I

Concerning package and other important factor ..

Abhishek - There is no direct answer. It depends on you and your state of preparedness. Please check my first few posts (in this chat) and depending on where you stand, you may decide.

Sir with an average academic profile ( X:86, XII: 73, B.E: 7.1). Even if I score 99+ in cat 2015. What are my chances of getting into top IIMs?

Is executive MBA is a good option?

Hello Sir , pardon my punctuality , my academics are as follows : 10th - 90.2% ,12th- 89.6 % ,B.Tech (industrial biotechnology) -7.5 , In CAT 14 i scored 77.7 percentile , I'll complete my college in june 2015 , I am planning to drop out and prepare for CAT 15 , is it advisable ? Also I was an NC-OBC candidate this year , but not very sure if I'll get the same certificate next year , so as of no

Okay. Thanks for the advice! Cheers! :)

Abiram - why will you not get the NC OBC next year? With your profile, and the CAT percentile - suggest you seriously consider writing CAT again !

i am running inherited business. i cant waste another year. placement is not a concern for me..3 collages seems a little risky thats y

for being on the safe side i plan 2 apply for 2 more collages..need your help on that

Sunny - send me your profile at arkss@vistamind.com - and will give you more options. Christ could be one, btw.

Ram - Exec MBA is definitely good for a person with 3 years + work-ex.

Dear Sir my acads are as follows

sir how is Narsee Monjee, Bangalore?? what are the opportunities it provide and how is its reputation?

Dear sir my acads are as follows -10th 84 12th 70.5 B.tech 72

sir, my native is deep south , and i reside at bhopal, so i have my permanent residential address in Bhopal, which poses a problem to provide proof for my domicile certificate ,back in tamil nadu , if i need one i have to approach a lawyer , which is not feasible, so mostly i will be a general candidate, also sir ,

Animesh - NM (Bangalore) has only PGDM for Execs. Please check this.

But my cat %ile is only 35%ile what should I do

Can u give a brief description abt my profile ..10 - 81, 12-76, b.tech- 77, work exp-1.6 year in Tcs

Abiram - I would still say that you should write next year.

CAT 89.97 , 10th 90.5 12th 88.8 Grad 71.4 and 42 months of work ex with Infosys. NCOBC male . Please suggest the colleges i should apply sir

I haven't sat for my placements as i put a lot of hope on CAT14 , so basically , i will remain a fresher with no job experience..

hi sir,my cat score is 82.23(qa 57,va/lr 96),dissapointed but and i am planning to join this year,i have a work ex of 2 yrs..with a xat score of 19 it might end up in the same percentiles as cat,do you recommend that i write cmat? targetting gim,imt ..is it worth it?

Ram - you are too young to be worried about couple of failures !!

CAT 14 - 92.26 (QA - 94.08, VA - 77.13) CBSE 10th - 88.6, 12th - 88.8, Grad - 80.53, Work ex - 30 months--------please suggest which colleges can be CONVERTED with this profile considering decent performance in PI rounds...Applied IMT, IMI, TAPMI, FORE, GIM, LBISM. Also please rate these in order to be considered..

Salmanul - Hope you have applied to FMS and NITIE. Please apply to the IITs also (all).

Sir assuming I take up the job. How should I approach my preparation for CAT 2015?

Abiram - you will get a job , you still at Bhopal? you may look for a job in Bangalore or Chennai or Mumbai.

Ashwin - If you are targeting IMT, then write CMAT.

CAT 14 Overall - 93.82 VA- 95.86 QA - 86.61

Okay sir , I will do that , thanks for your valuable suggestions, warm regards.

thank you sir,if gim will these scores be enough?

Piyush - you can convert all and the order is exactly as you have given

Abhinav - Please write on arkss@vistamind.com - will detail. Can't do it here with paucity of time.

sir should I consider any other colleges as well to be on the safer side

Piyush - GLIM, XIMB, KJ Somaiya should be considered.

Hi I scored 85.62 percentile overall...GEM category 10th -84.14 12th- 93.41 BE- 8.1/10 gpa.. WOrk ex- 13 months (till date)..Will I get any IIT/NIT??.. I dunno if I would get even new IIMs??

Kunal - good score. What is your query?

CAT14-75 overall 36 months of work EX, I'm determined to write cat 15 for my dream (A,B,C). what will be your suggestion as next year, my work ex will shoot up to 48 months.

sir 95% in snap filled sibm p sibm b and schmrd ...completed grad in ba eco hns no work ex..can i get a call..n shud i go for job to increase my chances?

Adhithya - Almost no chance in IIMs and IITs. NITs are not that great.

Amit Kumar - you should also write GMAT next year along with CAT.

Karan - chances are in SIBM B and SCMHRD. If you get through, take it, Else, go for a job (unless ofcourse you have decent perecntiles in XAT or CAT)

no sir snap is my best bet this year

sibm b is gud enuff..got mixed reviews for a fresher?

Sir!! Wat colleges can I apply to?? Should I prepare for next year?

Karan - it is decent - and it is not as good as SIBM Pune. I believe that that is accepted?

Adhithya - BIM Trichy, FORE, LBSIM, GIM, LIBA, IRMA UBS, Welingkar, IFMR, TAPMI, NIRMA, IIFM Bhopal

Adhithya - but looking at your profile - you may give another shot at CAT.

I heard that NIT placements are good for MBA...Is it true??

okay sir.the interview is around next month...got nothing 2 do ..any certification on finance side?

Also this was my third attempt at CAT....

can't corroborate that. Infact, they hardly put any profiles (of jobs) on the website. And whatever I know, while they do get decent companies (since it is NIT), profiles are not always good. Top 10% of them do get good jobs, but most of them arent.

Karan - NSE's certificate programs are good

Adithya - I have given some colleges - you may do a bit of research on these and decide three to four. You should get calls from all these. BIM Trichy is better than NIT Trichy.

sir, NM-bang is not *only* for executives. check this - http://nmimsbengaluru.org/programs/pgdm/

Sir give ur views about woxsen school of business?

yes sir i have applied to IITs and Nitite , What are the chances for IIT Delhi and Mumbai

10th 84% 12th 70.5% B.tech 72% cat 35%ile n cmat 85%ile is there any possibilities to get any of good b-school??

And what all private institues i can apply

Deepak - no idea on that.

hello sir. i got 93.3 %ile in cat. would i able to finally convert IMT G at this %ile ( i think for conversion it is very less %ile)???? plz...guide sir. i also filled- tapmi, gim, fore, lbs, ifmr. should i fill any other form ???? should i fill delhi school of management ????plz...help sir

Sir, I have scored 69.99 percentile in cat and 86 percentile in cmat, I have two years business development and marketting experience. Tenth- 78, twelfth- 73 and b.tech ( mechanical engg).. Can I get any good college? With good roi??

Salmanul - you have chances.

This chat will end in 10 mins

Prince - you can convert if your Interview is good!

Sir, what about private colleges ?

Sanchit - Send me a mail on arkss@vistamind.com - will send you all the colleges with ROI at your percentile. Please mention that in the mail.

profile work ex 9months 10th 87 12th 88 B.tech 76 cat score 60% only quant 50% verbal 76% sc candidate...any chance sir?

Salmanul - you can apply to MICA, XIMB, MFC, MBE, KJ Somaiya, IMI Delhi BIM Trichy, FORE, LBSIM, GIM, LIBA, IRMA

but sir i heard that - for imt g we need atleast 95 %ile( bad academics)

Prince - I haven't heard that!!!!!! Your Interview will be the determining factor. And you have to defend the academics well.

Vivek -at 60%ile, even with an SC certificate, you may not get good colleges. I suggest you write CAT 2015 .

at 93.3 %ile which forms should i filled???? i already filled gim, tapmi, imt, fore, lbs, ifmr.

n sir i wanted 2 know about the window dressing by b schools in terms of packages mentioned in placement reports...do they include variable and incentives as well to come up with final packages inorder to increase the avg and median package...what can b the credible sources to get a proper estimate of what the actual 1 might be?

Prince - KJ Somaiya and BIM Trichy too.

Hello sir : Please clarify on these two questions : 1) what can I colleges can I aim for with 34 months of experience(by the time I reg for CAT this year) and also with good academics (>90 in x,xii , >80 in grad) , secondly : please tell us abt XLRI and SPJAIN over IIMs , thirdly : ideal strategy for CAT 2015 given the level of difficulty and scoring pattern this year? Thanks in advance..

should i fill delhi school of management???

Karan - credible sources are people like us in coaching. We get info from our students !!!

sir what is the cutoff for PGDM-BFS in TAPMI? considering that its a new program, can the cutoff for it be a tad low

sir i got 84.63 percentile... graduated in 2014.. i wish to have admission in colleges with a lot of rigor unlimited activity plus exposure but it seems like a distant dream now!!.. also i left my placement call for the same!!.. what should i do now sir please help!!!......

Sriram - all questions can be answered on mail - please write to me @ arkss@vistamind.com

Animesh - It should be low.

i got 219 marks in nmat. what is the chance to convert if avg gdpi??

sir, I have given my XAT this year and I am getting around 30 marks.(11.75,9.25,9) in each section (va,dm,qa)...what percentile can i expect and what colleges will come under the radar?

Sir I scored 71%le in cmat .can I get something?

Well Friends, Thanks for asking questions and participating in the chat. If you have more questions or questions that you want answered, please write to arkss@vistamind.com !

CAT 14 OA- 93.82 VA-95.62 QA- 86.xx GEM 10th - 88.33 % 12th - 75.40 % BTech 64.40 % . I have applied to XIMB IMT IMI IIT Roorkee , MDI, NITIE. can i expect a call from these institutes? My snap percentile is 97.75xx . is SIBM pune possible at this percentile ?

Prince - I think the Delhi School of Mgmt last date is over.

overall 84.63 va 90 quant 76 :(

hello sir,I scored 78.71 percentile x-79.6 xii-73.8 btech-72.4 work ex -4 yrs category -sc any chances to get shortlisted in old iims

Ok Guys. We will end the chat here. Thanks for joining us. You can ask all further questions to ARKS Srinivas on arkss@vistamind.com . Do also visit http://www.vanguardbschool.com/ which ARKS Sir runs. Thanks again for your participation.

Vineet - please apply to these : BIM Trichy, FORE, LBSIM, GIM, LIBA, IRMA

Dear Sriram - Please send the same question (s) to arkss@vistamind.com. It requires a long answer!

which college it is ssie

Debabrata - New IIMs, there is a chance.

Sir, i did ask you a small question after my first.. abt my XAT score..

Deepak - Not sure of the good colleges at that CMAT percentile.

Old IIMs doubtful (less chances).

Kunal - NITIE and MDI no. Others yes.

How is christ university sir?

The university is good. For the top 25% of students, the placements are also good. But cannot say the same for the entire batch.

sir how is MICA? will u count it in the same league as IMT, XIMB?

sir what about MDI IM and HR ?? and NITIE PGDSIEM ?

Animesh - MICA is very good and as good or better than IMT and XIMB.

MDI IM sure, HR border case,

Ok thank you very much sir :)

Hi Sir , I have worked of 2 yers , Btech from IIT r (10th-96,12th-91) couldnt prepare this year , got 90 percentile , plese suggest !!

sir, I have given my XAT this year and I am getting around 30 marks.(11.75,9.25,9) in each section (va,dm,qa)...what percentile can i expect and what colleges will come under the radar?

Vishal - write CAT 2015 !

Sriram - you will get more than 95%ile and probably a call from XLRI BM and HR both.

Ok Guys. We will end the chat here. Thanks for joining us. You can ask all further questions to ARKS Srinivas on arkss@vistamind.com . Do also visit http://www.vanguardbschool.com/ which ARKS Sir runs. Thanks again for your participation.

nit trichy doms, xime bangalore, xime chennai, BIMTECH bhuwaneshwar, ipe , amity please rank according to industrial interface and placements.

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when will shortlists of new IIM's be released?

I have secured 75%ile in CAT and presently i am working. Till date i have experience 1.5years, i know my last prep for CAT wasn't up to mark, should i give it another try or get into a college this year itself

Sir, what would you suggest for the preparation of verbal ?

The chat has ended 20 mins back

Sir I have secured 93.3 percentile. I have 3 years of workexp.I am general student with 80-77-70 as my percentages in 10 12 and graduation Will it possible to get calls from new IIMS