Live Life – A Day Before The CAT!

The clock keeps ticking away slowly but steadily welcoming the final 24 hours before CAT, the day you have been preparing for from a long time. In this 11th hour, with all the final preparations done and all the pieces of the puzzle finally fitting, there is nothing more that you can do apart from waiting for the moment of truth. The game plan has been set and an eerie calmness is sure to take over, waiting and wanting to get to the field and perform and giving it your best shot in hopes of Belling the CAT.

These final few hours though may seem to have no significance value in one’s preparation, but on the contrary, these final few moments (Believe it or not) can help you make it or break it.

Countless butterflies must be there churning away inside your guts making you restless and nervous but at the same moment, a sense of excitement for the impending war that you are about to face is creating a rush of adrenaline high. At this unassumingly but crucial juncture as potential MBA grads you must play it smart by getting a hold on all these whirlpools of emotions rushing all around you, and channelize them into a stream of positive energy fuelled by shots of self-administered heavy but controlled dosage of self-confidence and belief.

You have come this far and the journey was not an easy one, so at this last stage of this journey, think not what can happen but rejoice the moments spent leading up to this moment and enjoy these next few moments as after that it will all be but a speck in our memories stored away in the depths of our limitless minds.

All in all, in concrete terms, a day before the exam:

-Take the day off, relax and go catch a movie, hang out with your friends or family,

-Try to do things that relaxes you and don’t think too much about the exam next day as you have already covered all the bases and whatever could be done has been done,

-Listen to some music and get some time alone to calm yourself down and gather your thoughts,

-If needed go over your self-made notes, just a quick glance for an hour or two just to get the things reinforced,

-Before the day is over, come up with a final game plan and run it through your mind on how to tackle the exam and come what may stick to it (as improvisations in CAT can lead to disaster)

-Try to get some good sleep the day before so that you don’t fall asleep during the exam.

The battle lines have been drawn and you are prepared enough to fight it out and come out victorious, believe in yourself and be true to yourself and Victory shall be yours.


So Keep Calm and Go Bell The CAT!