Important Topics For Logical Reasoning – SNAP 2015

The Logic section has 60 marks weightage of the SNAP exam. It has 30 questions of 2 marks each. This section is relatively easy but very lengthy. Many students spend a lot of time on this section and are unable to complete the paper. So it would be good if you allocate around 40-45mins for solving this section and do not cross that time period.

1- Puzzles:

a- Line:

Ex- 6 girls are standing in a row. Rita is on the right of Gita and Sita is on the left of Rita…

a- Circular Table:

Ex- 8 people are sitting around a circular table. Peter is on the right of Paul and John is opposite Paul…

These puzzle-based questions would be for around 10-12 marks. Try and solve them towards the end of the section.

2-Critical Reasoning:

a- Deductions

b- Blood relationships

c- Statement Assumptions

d- Statement Conclusions

Around 4-5 questions for 8-10 marks could be there.

3- Binary Logic: Around 2-3 questions.

4- Clocks & Calendars: Around 2-3 questions

5- Symbols and Notations: Around 2 questions

6- Number Series: This is not an easy topic compared to the others. Around 2-3 questions could come in the exam regarding the same.

These are a few important topics. In the 40 minutes time allocated, try and solve at least 20-25 questions which would fetch you 40-50 marks. Try and maintain a high accuracy rate and finally, refer to last year’s SNAP question papers.