Lost In The Underlined Echoes… – The Poetry Column

A choked voice,

was allowed to break the sacred silence,

a scared sound, a scary scream,

on the backdrop of a dominated dusk,

it was a daring dream!

the closet was opened,

and the skeletons were seen,

 the impromptu music was heard,

and then it was silenced again,

Oh, such an easy bargain.

But an important thing was forgotten,

a small thing was ignored,

the aftereffect of a shaking sound,

heard by still a humane heart,

yes, the important thing was forgotten,

an Echo.

An echo, a small one, and still the brave one,

collided with an Orthodox wall of a calculative, rational mind,

and gave birth to some new echoes before dying,

every echo did the same,

and now we have a room filled with echoes!

Weak echoes, strong echoes,

blur echoes, clear echoes,

searching echoes and marching echoes,

breathing echoes, breath-taking echoes,

dreaming echoes and daring echoes,

craving echoes and caring echoes,

the closet is opened again,

but the skeletons are dancing now,

on the music of echoing echoes, and the underlined echoes!

yes, the Underlined Echoes!

Losing in the underlined echoes,

a blurred clarity clarifies itself.

losing in the underlined echoes,

a complex simplicity simplifies itself.

Echoes free the choked voice,

echoes give a new choice,

echoes want to walk on an odyssey,

echoes want to rechalk the prophecy.

 echoes still remember the scary scream,

 echoes revive the dying dream!

Losing in the underlined echoes,

a platonist lets a hope unwind.

Losing in the underlined echoes,

a heart triumphs over a mind,

Losing in the underlined echoes,

Lost in the underlined echoes.

Abhishek Kshirsagar

Just a dreamer in the real world!




“dreaming echoes and daring echoes” shook me. Hope this these thoughts keep echoing and you keep writing… Kudos my friend.


Hi! Was this written in any context of IIM Bangalore and your experience there?

Abhishek Kshirsagar

Not at all. It does not have any context as such. Sometimes, your mind and heart collude to present something that even you don’t understand. This piece is something similar for me 🙂