The Loud Roar Of IIM Rohtak In The Competitive Circuit

“The key is not the will to win… everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important.”                                                                                                                                                                         – Bobby Knight

The students of IIM Rohtak continue to prove that Bobby was right after all. Studies, assignments, projects, submissions and what not, the life here doesn’t go gently they say. But that doesn’t stop them from striving for what they desire. These two years require every MBA student to put every toil present in them to survive in this ‘dog eat dog’ world. And in order to become the wolf here, it’s imperative that students put all blood, sweat and tear together to not only participate but win corporate and institute organized competitions.

These B-school and corporate competitions serve the upcoming managers with the most appropriate platform to showcase their expertise. But that’s not all that these battles have to offer. To the winners, these competitions shower with numerous other opportunities like PPOs, PPIs, and prizes in cash and kind along with the tremendous learning opportunity granted to all the participants.

Following the trends of the past few years, the students of the institute continue to make it proud by bagging laurels in many of these business competitions in the recent past. Following is a list of the winners in recent times who along with themselves have gained a prestigious position for IIM Rohtak in the business world.

•             Naveen Kumar, Anmol Gupta and Pratham Mantri (Wild Card round winners of ReLead Renew Power)

•             Parag Nawani, Pooja Goyal and Naveen Kumar (IVP FinValley National Runners-up)

•             Naveen Kumar and Saurav Sarkar (Airtel iCreate 2018 National Finalist)

•             Niranjana, Abhishek Kumar, Ashwin Ram (HUL Lime Wildcard Entry Round Winners)

•             Naveen Kumar, Anmol Gupta, Pratham Mantri (Yes Bank Transformation Series Winners of IIM Rohtak)

•             Prakhar Chhabra, Isha Garg, Abhishek Anjani (Yes Bank Transformation Series Winners of IIM Rohtak)

•             Rajit and Ambwarish (ICICI Beat the Curve winners of IIM Rohtak)

Most of these achievers believe that the most important step in the process of preparing for a competition is to identify the problems and classify the solutions based on the issues analyzed. “The key factor to crack a competition is to suggest a new plan or solution, which is not yet implemented by the company. And in order to achieve that, one needs to go through lots of research and publications.” says Saurav. As per Parag, these competitions not only help strengthen the competitive temperament of the participants but also give a real-life experience of solving a business predicament and the participants get to gain a lot of insights about the relevant area while prepping their solution.

These wins have clearly raised the competitive bar for students of IIM Rohtak both inside and outside the institute. From the perspective of the business bazaar, IIM Rohtak is clearly gaining the faith of the industry commanders and this reflects in the 100% placement figures of the Institute for 7 consecutive years. However, this thirst for triumph is yet to stay and the institute is set to keep housing many more biz champions. MAY THE FORCE BE WITH THEM!