Love, Life And Laughter At IIM Trichy

Why and how you chose Trichy?

I had appeared for Common Admission Test (CAT-2017) with an aspiration to join an elite b-school. I secured a decent score in CAT. After the results, I received calls from few reputed institutes, including Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirapalli (IIM Trichy).

For selecting an appropriate b-school, I made few background checks about each of the converted colleges. My main reason to select IIM Trichy was because of the average age of the batch size. (I had pursued engineering in Electrical and then worked with Larsen & Toubro Ltd for 3 years).

Generally, if a class has more proportion of students who have more than 2 years of work experience, it would be more beneficial platform of learning because with experience comes an understanding of the organizations and how actually the economy works. Each one turns from a naïve to pragmatic individual with experience.

I reckoned that the experienced friends around me would surely cause a better moulding in my personality. Hence, I felt that IIM Trichy is the best college as it has more ratio as compared to other premier institutes.

Even if IIM Trichy is a second-generation IIM, started around just 7 years ago, the pace and vigour with which it is working it has been named as one of the premier b-schools in India. This means that the faculty and the students are putting their best efforts to make it a brand to be recognized by everyone. So, I felt that the efforts of this institute would shape and mould me at the end of course as better person than I’m today.

Lastly, I had never been to south of India. This would be a very good opportunity for me to explore the Indian peninsula. I have visited Rockfort temple in Tiruchirapalli till now and I was enthralled by looking at the ancient monuments. I hope, this endeavour to IIM Trichy would mould me in unprecedented ways.

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?
Carbon fibre is the future of the many products and it would substitute many metals used traditionally. Metals are available in limited quantity and extracting them is a cumbersome process. Further, metals especially steel corrodes with passage of time and loses strength.

Also, recent discoveries have been made in carbon fibre technology in which the carbon fibre products can be 3-D printed. The technology has a promising future once it becomes fully tested and finalised.

So, I would like to work with Carbon fibre subsidiaries of Aditya Birla Group as it is a nascent technology and I can gain a thorough learning from the inception and a better promising future.

This article is written by Pranit Lohote- Class of 2020

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