My Lovely Experiences With IIM Kashipur

Ask any MBA aspirant, why he wants to do MBA and from where (not in an interview)? Their honest answer would be, fat paycheck and a college with good ranking, especially IIM brand. So, can we just live our life with a great salary and wearing well-branded shirts daily?. Life is bigger than salary, brand, and ranking. I am not going to justify in this article that IIM Kashipur is the best, but the life at IIM Kashipur is bigger than you think.

Traveling for the first time in flight, from a small city and reaching Delhi is unforgettable in my life. As soon as, I reached Delhi, what I saw was huge traffic and pollution. From Delhi, I reached Kashipur by cab (5hr travel), a very calm place. I took a deep breath of pure, clean and cool air, which you won’t get even if you spend million dollars. I slowly entered the campus, to see the world-class beautiful and unique brick architecture. Then, I took the staircase to reach my hostel room on 3rd floor and opened the window to see that breathtaking scenery which is also a million dollar worth.

The hygienic mess run by students which satisfy students from all parts of India. A TV in mess was telecasting live FIFA match, many were cheering for their teams and group of people were chatting and eating. Some were playing Table Tennis on one side of the dining hall. Next day, the students were playing cricket, badminton, basketball, frisbee etc. Seeing all this, I was excited and visualized how my next two years is going to be.

The schedule in IIM Kashipur is very hectic, you won’t have all day to do all your necessities. You may fell very low on certain days. At that time, just move away from campus and stand in lawn and take a deep breath with your eyes closed and have a cup of chai, you will earn the motivation. Is there any better method of redemption then this.

IIM Kashipur is located on the way to Jim Corbett. Ram Nagar and Jim Corbett national park is just 30km from IIM Kashipur. You can take your Royal Enfield and reach the Himalayas, another million dollar isn’t it?, I am not kidding, the biker’s club will help you with this. There are many non-academic clubs, one is Parivartan, which does several social activities.

At IIM Kashipur, you will get the best management education along with billion dollar worth memories. You will accomplish all the impossible adventure that you have planned for some part of your life. IIM Kashipur is not the best, but the life at IIM Kashipur is BIGGER. That’s why people choose IIM Kashipur.


Which ABG company would one want to work for and why?

I would want to work with Idea Cellular. Idea is a big telecom company in India, it has now planned to merge with Vodafone India, which will make it the company with the largest subscribers in India. Telecom sector is one of the fastest growing sector in India. Still there are many towns and villages, which doesn’t have an internet connection. This merger will bring new technology in the telecom sector in India and Idea will also grow tremendously in 2nd tier cities and villages. With heavy competition in the telecom sector in India, this would help me to learn and get adapted to the biggest business competition environment in the world.


-Braveen Varma

IIM Kashipur

IIM Kashipur Placement Committee

Placement Committee, IIM Kashipur