A Magnificent Journey Through HelL (IIML)

The journey to this beautiful place which people often call as HelL started somewhere in July 2016, with an ambition to join one of the premier b-schools in India. The hectic software development at the office during daytime was often followed by 2-hour long quant/verbal/LR sessions during the night, which was again followed by a hectic office schedule the next morning. The schedule was pretty tight (thanks to a late start to CAT preparation), but it was all worth it (at least I thought so). 5 months of decent preparation and a vision to achieve something great did yield results. 21st April was the day when I actually achieved what I had dreamt of, converting IIM Lucknow (converted all other calls as well). That was just the beginning though, 2 months down the line and I was once again sitting in a classroom with probably one of the brightest people in India. With ultra-competitive people around, the pressure to perform was immense and there was literally no margin for error.

Early morning surprise quizzes, tiring Placement prep sessions, cv preparations, endless company ppts, committee selections and what not sometimes made me restless and made me wonder whether doing MBA was a right decision or not?

The answer to the question was not easy, but the support from family and friends here made me sustain all the pressure and the will to succeed helped me conquer all the challenges.

Today after spending 9 months in what people call as HelL (one of the best b-schools in India), and having successfully negotiated the toughest phase in the MBA journey, with one of the best Summer’s offer in campus and more than a decent CGPA, all the efforts put in seems to be totally worth it.

When I look back on the journey now, all I could say is that it has been one hell of a journey, and I am proud to be a part of this magnificent journey. Proud to be a HelLite.

Here’s looking forward to the final phase of my MBA.




About the Author:

Manik Bhalla is a first-year student at IIM Lucknow. He is a member of the Media & Communication Cell of the institute. Popular for his witty nature, panache and boyish charms, he is known as the CEO of the Media Cell. Marketing & Quants are something which comes naturally to him.

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