Mahindra Diaries – The First Month – Sahil Dalia, IIM Calcutta

It was, at last, time for which every one of us was eagerly awaiting. After an exciting first week comprising of inspiring interactions and fun activities, we were ready to get immersed into the working culture of Mahindra. I find myself fortunate to be working with one of the pioneering arms of Mahindra. Less than a year ago, brilliant minds across different departments came together to build a small visionary team which aims to revolutionise how we move.

Located in the grand premises of M&M’s Kandivali facility, Smart Sustainable Mobility Solutions(SSMS) is a cozy place where ideas interact to take physical shapes.

One example of such an ingenuity is “Glyd”, which, within a few months of its conception has reached great heights in electric mobility landscape. Most members of the group are also GMCs joining Mahindra from top institutes of the country who, in spite of their busy schedules, are up for doubt clarifications, intellectual discussions or witty conversations anytime. Then, my mentor and buddy are always there to guide me through troubles. The team goes for lunch together and evening snacks are always sponsored by someone. It is truly a humbling experience to be working alongside such talented individuals having a charismatic personality.

Apart from brainstorming and internal interactions, my project also allows me to interact with the outside world. It is a huge learning experience when you get to sit in presentations delivered by various specialists. I also get the opportunity to test my ideas on ground by meeting different stakeholders of the industry where “Mahindra” as a brand name speak volumes.

After a long testing day at work, I return home to meet my friends who are also from my institute and interning at Mahindra. All the tiredness is lost once the conversations start which vary from the meals to be ordered to the nostalgia of the year gone by. On weekends, I grab the opportunity to hang out with my old friends who happen to stay in Mumbai.

With just a few weeks left, the crusts and troughs of the ride are going to get even steeper.