Mahindra Diaries: The Journey Continues

I stood at the corner of the conference room where all the HR team had gathered to bid farewell to a departing colleague. The seniors, as well as the juniors in team, were vocal about their attachment and love for the person which he reciprocated with a smile and a couple of words which displayed his sheer love for the organization and the people who have built it. The HR Team at MRV Chennai is more like a family, where they work hard together and help one another when required. They made me feel at home and treated me as one among them by helping me out from the innumerable queries that I had kept posting and also by inviting me to all the team get-togethers that were planned. It felt really nice and warm coming to the office every day because of this beautiful team.

Coming to the project, I, under the mentorship of my guide, was able to get one of two projects over the cross-line with only a couple of concurrences left in the way for approval. It took over a week’s iterations to get the competency framework to a perfect shape which could do justice to the vision of the organization as well as the efforts put by the employees in the concerned function. Thus, in doing this, I was able to interact with many people, both internal as well as external stakeholders, who were really cordial in sharing their deep insights with me as they believed that the functional competency framework would help in taking the concerned function to newer heights in Product Development, therefore making me understand the importance of the project and the responsibility entrusted upon me in making it work. Hence, to make the work complete and sound, we also consulted an expert in the field to foolproof the framework and also provide insights on how to make it even better in the future.

The second project, which deals with one of the newly created roles in the organization, has already begun, as the rich discussions with the role holders as well as the external stakeholders are underway to arrive at the functional competencies for the newly created position. It has been an energizing experience where I am able to meet the top leaders to understand their expectations and how they perceive the role to be. With the deadline for the final review coming close, I have been trying hard to stretch further to accommodate all possible inputs in arriving at the functional competencies required for the role to achieve superior performance in their job.

On the whole, I find myself lucky to be interning at such an organization which believes in your potential and gives you challenging assignments, along with great mentorship, which has a direct impact on the organization. I hope that I and my work live up to the expectations & in turn being able to create a mark for myself in the organization. Wish me luck. 😊

P.S. On a lighter note, if you are here at Mahindra World City, do try out the eateries; they are really yum!

Roopesh R

A graduate from NIT Trichy, currently pursuing his PGDHRM at XLRI Jamshedpur (Batch of 2018-20). He is a perpetual dreamer, who has even named his blog as the reverist's universe where he enjoys writing short stories & sketching poetry.