Make A Difference – The IIM Trichy Way

Nestled in Sooriyur, some 15 Kms from Trichy City, is the gleaming new campus of one of the fastest rising second-generation IIM. But its gleaming campus or its highly distinguished faculties are not the only thing that makes it stand apart from its peers. Make no mistake, these are the most critical factor for the astounding success of IIM, Trichy. But it is not what makes IIM Trichy unique.

The uniqueness of the great college is derived from a very simple but a very effective initiative undertaken by them called MAD- Make A Difference. This initiative derives its philosophy from the simple thought of giving back to the society.

As an MBA Graduate from an esteemed college, great things are expected of us. Most of us interpret it in a very wrong way and chase greatness that is self-serving. Success is measured by our bank balances and our designation. We usually forget the society that played its part to help us reach where we are. We usually also forget some childhood dreams of doing something for the society that used to creep up in our minds whenever we saw any one in distress.MAD is a subtle reminder of the same.

Having reached a stage where monetary success is virtually guaranteed, we must work on those childhood dreams. It’s not the money that is scarce, but the precious time of students who would be tomorrow managers and most probably make decisions that would affect a thousand others. MAD almost pushes us to dive deeper into the nearby areas of Trichy which still lags decades behind in development and encourages us to jolt our brains to make a difference in whatever way we can. If every student makes a little difference and retains some of those experiences to recall when they are making bigger decisions in future it will certainly Make a Difference.

So yes, the experience of roaming around the villages, talking to people and trying to understand the problems faced by them in their day to day lives and businesses was the most unique experience I had in Trichy though I certainly hope that it no longer remains unique for IIM Trichy.

Which ABG Company Do I Want To Work For And Why?

I would like to work for Aditya Birla Idea Payments Bank Ltd. as it is working in an exciting new field. As the finance world has always interested me and with such huge changes taking place in the world of finance due to digital innovations, it is certainly the place to be. I feel currently the payments bank model has enough challenges and growth opportunities to make it an ideal opportunity to start a career where I can contribute towards the companies success while at the same time gaining valuable experience and grow with the organisation.

This story was written by Mayank Kumar Pansari (Class of 2019)

IIM Trichy Placement Team

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