How To Make It Through Your Time At The B-School Like A Pro

It has been quite some time since all of us have entered the field of management studies. The whole point of a management degree is to put you through a rigorous curriculum that forces you to expand your limits and indulge into hardcore management of time and task to perform. We do cope-up with the PG degree lifestyle over the time, but let’s face it, all of us face setbacks occasionally. These setbacks come unexpectedly, they introduce a slack in our otherwise smooth flow of work and then all of a sudden, the equilibrium snaps and everything starts falling apart. One second you are this wizard who manages to put everything to place with a flick of a wand, and the other second you are nothing more than a circus juggler trying to balance on a unicycle. On occasions like these, one needs to let go and start all over again, it is okay to take a step back to plunge forward, and there is a lot you can do to keep yourself in the race, still fighting.

Start by setting small goals

It feels good to check off the completed tasks from our to-do list. When you set high goals for yourself which are almost impossible, there are high chances of getting demotivated in case you can’t meet the target. It is always a good idea to start small and then push your limits with each passing day rather than to start big and then meet a dead end by ending up in low spirits.

Choose your peer group wisely

Most of your learning will come from the people you spend your time with. Sit in a room where you think that the discussions are above your present level of knowledge, be with people who you think know about things that you are not well versed with, stay with people who are supportive and ready to teach, who drag your spirits up, who have a positive attitude towards life and share thirst for knowledge. Over time, you’ll see your confidence boost up and your self-evaluation graph rising.


Sweep off your desk and de-clutter all the piling mess. Research indicates that clean work areas are directly proportional to productivity. A clean workspace and an organized system will help you successfully keep track of your tasks and avoid the chances of missing deadlines or forgetting a critical task. Organize your file and folders, maintain charts, and keep your work tables and desktops clear of any useless things.

Be calm

Meditate and try to channel your energy towards positive thoughts. It is very natural to react impulsively on days when you are feeling low. You don’t make the best calls under the influence of emotions, take a deep breath, wait, observe, think, and then react. Keeping your calm is one of the most important things to fight against the storm when things go wrong, take a break and strategize with a relaxed mindset, prepare yourself for what is coming next.

Take care of your health

It might seem compelling to get lost in the hustle because it takes so much effort to get out of a set pattern. Skipping your meals occasionally, unfixed sleeping hours, running in between breaks for work, the schedule leaves no space to breathe, it grabs you by your throat and you feel chains constraining you from breaking free from it. Don’t do that, take care of your mental and physical health, because the healthier you are, the more productive you are, and you’ll also feel happy about your work. Take out time for exercise, go for a morning jog, take small breaks in between when you do nothing and just let yourself free, doing this will prevent you from facing burn-out and keep you alive.

Self-Improvement is the key

The best part about competition is that it isn’t static, things keep on changing, the leaderboard keeps on updating, you can always work on yourself and keep on rising, you can always try twice, thrice, or maybe even thousand times, but there will be a day when you’ll be a star in your own eyes. There are plenty of opportunities on each campus for improvement, enroll into courses, consult faculties, register for competitions, reach out to experts, update your knowledge, read a few books, work with few people, and then look back at yourself, you’ll see the difference.

There will be an infinite number of reasons thrown across your way that will make you feel low at times, it might be your academics or your own expectations from self, but no matter what, remember that there is always a way out, and by keeping certain activities on your work chart constantly, you won’t lose track of the light even in the darkest times.

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