What Makes Our Campus Unique – Vatsal Shah, IIM Udaipur

Indian Institute of Management Udaipur
The Institute was founded in the year 2011 and since then it has only seen an upward movement in terms of its growth. We, the students feel a deep connection with the institute and feel like the part of a huge community already. There are a number of things about IIM Udaipur which in my regard set it apart from the rest. The following are the pointers that I feel make this college truly unique.

Academic Focus
One of the core values of this college is academic excellence and it is made sure that every student here is ready to be a dynamic leader with knowledge of a lot of fields apart from their specialisation. The focus on academics is unbiased and there is no leeway for any student irrespective of the student body/ committee they belong to. The rigour is initiated by the director himself, as he takes an active part in developing the learning curve for the students.

Academic resources
Keeping in mind the great scales of knowledge that the college wants the students to be empowered with, we have access to the best of the academic resources. The students have access to 12 fully functional Bloomberg terminals, and databases such as Ace Equity, Capitaline, CRISIL, and many more.

Course and Curriculum
The college always keeps pace with the Volatile ever-changing corporate world and alters the courses offered in line with the same. The functioning of the Academic Council enables the students to request for a course (if not already offered) and the college tries their best to introduce it as an elective.

The courses offered are spread across all the possible domains and some are suggested and taught by top management professionals who not only have Ph.D.’s from top B-schools across India, Europe, and North America but also have the experience of working in a corporate at the top level for more than 10 years.

IIM Udaipur is ranked 3rd in research according to the UC Dallas rating. Not only are our professors great with research but even the students are more than welcome to take up research on a topic of their interest for which they would find more than necessary guidance if they seek it.

Our Campus
Spread over an enormous land of 300 acres with different contours makes the campus very soothing and pleasant to live in. It provides a student with the perfectly calm environment to take time off for themselves and self-analyse. The management and the architect have ensured that the students experience what can only be termed as state of the art facility, with air-conditioned rooms, centralized hi-speed wi-fi, and many more facilities.

In our library, we do not have access only to physical books, but also to an extensive collection of digital resources (e-books, print & e-journals, databases, reference titles, case studies, CD’s/DVD’s, and many more). The library is completely automated and uses the most advanced library management systems.

The Classrooms and the learning methodology is designed perfectly to aid discussions and peer learning, in addition to what is taught by the professors in class.

Practical Exposure
The college ensures to give the students an opportunity to apply their knowledge in the practical world. Initiatives like the Student Exchange Program enables the students to study in top management colleges across national borders for a trimester and learn the culture there.

The International Business Program allows the students to take up a project with a company not headquartered in India, which they work on for three months out of which two weeks are in the country where the company is situated. This kind of exposure to the corporate world in different country enables our students to learn something that classrooms cannot provide for.
Not overlooking the domestic development, the college has a Rural Immersion Program in which the students stay in a village for a week and understand the challenges and problems faced in rural development, for which they later try and develop strategies. This is in line with one of the beliefs of our institute which is that for overall development, every individual should be given opportunities and the aid needed to grow.

IIM Udaipur has an entrepreneurship cell which promotes budding business leaders to come up with their own ideas for a business and try it out. The college helps these students to get the required funding to start off and experiment their idea for two months during summer if their idea, plan, and presentation are of the required level. The college also has an incubation centre which aids these students further and helps nurture their business plans.

IIM Udaipur has proved its self-sufficiency as we requested to not have a mentor IIM in our initial years and have still been able to compete with fellow IIMs, be it in terms of facility, academics, or placements. Last year IIM Udaipur completed the Summer Placements faster than all of the new IIMs which were started within a span of 4-5 years before and after IIM Udaipur.

The life here at IIM Udaipur is a complete package. If you have a talent, we have a place for you to not only showcase it but also nurture it. The director’s belief that management begins at home has given rise to over 30 clubs, committees, and special interest groups. From the placements and media interactions to sports and literature, not barring infrastructure and mess management, our students do it all. In a way, one can say that the students are running the college apart from the designing of the course and evaluation criteria, in which also their opinion does play a part. We have a sports festival, literature festival, music festival, food festival, and many more all of which are organised by the students from start to end. This enables us to make mistakes where they will not prove to be very costly but more importantly learn from the mistakes while also ensuring to have a lot of fun.

At this college, we have an open-door policy, be it among the peers, the doctors, the councilor, the teachers, the administration office, or even the director.

Last but not the least this college follows an open-heart policy too. You will never find yourself alone on this campus. Be it at the time of doing an assignment, or when playing and having fun, or just wanting to sit down and talk, someone will always be there for you.

All of us believe that we are one big fat family and we ensure that we grow together without letting anyone being left behind.


ABG Company I would like to work for – Aditya Birla Capital
Having grown up in a family where financial markets and stock investments have been normal dinner table conversations, I realized the importance of smart investing and of knowing how to read financial markets. The inconsistency and fluctuations in these markets always fascinated me and I wanted to learn more about being able to predict the futures and be able to valuate financial decisions. I got this opportunity at IIM Udaipur in subjects like corporate finance, corporate valuation, and banking, financial markets and systems. I also got the chance to work on the same during my Summer Internship at Exide life insurance where I worked with the insurance team and designed an investment portfolio for the company’s mid-cap fund. My work was appreciated by the VP, because of which I got the opportunity to present my work to the CFO. The financial markets really interest me and I know I can add value to a company by working in that sector as I do have some knowledge regarding the same and I am more than eager to learn more about it. This is why I would love to get the opportunity to work at Aditya Birla Capital.

Thank You.

IIM Udaipur Placement Committee

IIM Udaipur, established in 2011, focuses on three pillars of academic excellence, research and career growth for its students so as to provide a transformational journey. Email: placecomm@iimu.ac.in