What Makes IIFT Alive – The Campus, The Students, And The Professors

IIFT Kolkata is located in the eastern part of the city, in an extremely calm and peaceful setting one can imagine, in a serene, green environment. When I first arrived at the campus what got hold of me was the infrastructural beauty of the campus. The big wall, with great architecture, at the entrance gives you a feeling that a new grand chapter of your life is about to begin. The campus is extremely well planned and the numerous lakes and ponds in the campus makes you feel so close to the nature that you could actually use it to sail through the rigorous and stressful journey of a B-school. Honestly, to me the campus seemed like a world of its own within the city of Kolkata.

Just like a house is not a home without its members, IIFT would be a mere building without its students. I always fascinated diversity, and was quite excited to see such a huge diversity amongst the student in every aspect, be it culture, region, field of study or even work experience. One of the unique cultures I observed here in IIFT was that the support of the senior batch was so extensive, be it emotionally, socially or helping us getting accustomed to the culture of a B-school. It was quite surprising to see that our seniors took it as their primary responsibility that we are good through our summer placements and put in their every effort to teach us everything from appropriate formal etiquettes to in-depth knowledge in every domain. Apart from all this, I would credit the culture of IIFT that there was not a single day when I felt like I was away from home, the batch and my seniors became my family from day one itself.

Although I have just begun my journey in IIFT, and there wasn’t much of an opportunity to know the professors so well, I can say without a doubt that this is the best faculty one can get. The centre head for IIFT Kolkata – Dr. K Rangarajan, has instilled the basic disciplinary values so deep into every element of the campus that not even the security guards dare to break the ground rules established by him. As I cannot mention all of them here I would name a few whose support and excellence I witnessed personally, Dr. Saswati Tripathi was very sympathetic and supportive to each of the personal issues of every student, and the brilliance of Dr. Ranajoy Bhattacharyya in the field of economics became explicit in his first session with the batch. Just in the time of two weeks I’m pretty confident the quality of the faculty here is unparalleled.

From what I’ve experienced here at IIFT until now, I feel that these are the factors which make IIFT really alive and vibrant.


Which Aditya Birla Group Company is a fit for me?

I feel that “Pantaloons Fashion & Retail” is the company which would completely suit me. There are mainly three reasons for making this choice. Firstly, I too like to follow the latest fashion trends in the industry, thus, I think that I will be easily able to relate my passion to the job role offered in pantaloons. Secondly, I feel that my interpersonal and communication skills will help me make a good rapport with the consumer and connect easily. Lastly, one of the main reasons to choose a clothing brand was that Fashion never goes out of trend, thus, being an ever-growing and evergreen industry I feel that pantaloons has a bright future in the company.

IIFT Placement Commitee