What Makes IIM Indore Unique – Apeksha Aadme

IIM Indore commonly known as Planet–i among its students is quite unique. The first and most eye catching thing is its beautiful infrastructure; said to be the most beautiful campuses of an institute in India. It is situated far away from the hustle and bustle of the city on a hill top and that’s how it has got another name “Prabandh Shikhar”. The two years here are more like a vacation on a hill station but with little twists, some hard work and a lifetime experience to take away. This campus has something for everyone in the store, from the sports enthusiasts, to the adventure lovers, nature geeks and everyone in between. The campus has a wide variety of flora and fauna spread in the gigantic 78 hectare. It has an Olympic sized swimming pool, squash court, sauna bath, steam, etc. for recreational purpose, they even screen a new release Bollywood movie every Sunday in the auditorium. Life in IIM Indore will be everything you expect out of college life and then some.

The campus almost never sleeps. You’ll find something or the other going on all year long. We have a night mess which operates till 4:00 a.m. and aids us in staying awake for completing the assignments, presentations, exam preparations, etc. (yes we do take all these very seriously and you’ll surely find the smartest kids here). Our vast college also helps us in keeping fit with at least a 10 km. walk every day around the campus from hostel to academic block and rest of the places. We also have a college bus for the commute to the city which runs daily at an interval of one year. We also have student run food ventures in the campus. There is also a laundry service started by the students. Our large batch size actually acts as an added advantage for our growth. The culture is very diverse and you get to interact with people from almost all parts of India. Also, we are emerging as a very strong alumni network each passing year.

Apart from the common management subjects, IIM Indore offers a ‘Rural Immersion Program’ (RIP) and a ‘Himalayan Outbound Program’ (HOP). In RIP we stay and survey a village for a week in collaboration with the state government on their ongoing development scheme. This is altogether a different experience. HOP is more of an adventure one. We go on a trek in north India mostly in Uttrakhand in the month of October for a week as a part of our academic course.

2. Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

If given an opportunity to join an ABG company I would like to work for Idea cellular in their marketing domain. Firstly I’m an Idea user since last 5 years and have loved their service. Apart from this, the telecom market in India comes with a new challenge each day and requires a constant solution and ideas to survive. I find this challenging and will take this an opportunity to learn more and apply my ‘ideas’. I like how Idea Cellular places and positions itself in the market and I would love to use my creative skill to add even more to its beauty

IIM Indore Placement Committee

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