What Makes IIM Indore Unique – Nitish Rokade

IIM Indore is the sixth addition to the list of IIMs and is one most coveted Business schools. Compared to other institutes IIM Indore sets itself apart in varieties of ways.

Let’s start with its history and operations. IIM Indore was established in 1996 and it was the first IIM to have started operations outside India when it started offering its two-year full-time (residential) Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP) at Ras al-Khaimah (UAE) in 2011. The institute also offers 2 years PGP program in Mumbai which makes it the only IIM which has a presence in the financial capital of India.

When it comes to IIMs scenic beauty of the campus is something every student boast about. IIM Indore has a beautiful campus of 193 acres and is considered to be one of the biggest IIM with respect to the area on which the college is spread. Sitting atop a hillock on the outskirts of Indore, this b-school is aptly nicknamed – The hillock that never sleeps. The campus is full of lush green lawns and innumerable trees. The architecture of the campus is a good blend of traditional with modern. It has a ‘Sunset point’ which provides a spectacular view of the evening sky as well as the skyline of the Indore city at night.

Talking about the diversity, IIM Indore is one of the most diverse B-schools in India. It has a total batch size of more than 550 students from different part of the country including Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra and the seven northeastern sister states. Different cultural festivals are celebrated in the campus with great fervour and the most amazing part of these festivals are the regional dinners.

It is said that learning should not be only limited to classrooms and most of the leading institutes are innovating new ways to enhance learning outside the classroom. IIM Indore also does it but in a different way. IIM I has a program called Rural Immersion Programme (RIP) through which first-year students get an opportunity to connect with the rural roots of India, understand their problems and find creative and sustainable solutions to it. This programme is spread over several districts of Madhya Pradesh.

Another interesting programme is Himalayan Outbound Programme (HOP) where second-year students are taken to various parts of the Himalayas. The programme started in 2010 on a trial basis. Here The students go through multiple rounds of training, focusing on adventure sports and real-life challenges designed to test their managerial and leadership skills. From rock-climbing, rappelling and river rafting, to yoga and pranayama, the Himalayan Outbound Programme offers a mix of physical and psychological experiential tasks for the students.

Next comes Utsaha which is a rural market research initiative organized in Janapav Kuti village near Indore. The fair sees a footfall of over 50,000 visitors. Many marketing giants like HUL and M&M use this fair to get key rural consumer insights through various research projects performed by students.

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