What Makes IIM Raipur Unique – Sameer Xaxa

The uniqueness of my campus is the number of institutes in the campus. Currently, there are three institutes in the campus, they are:

1. Government Engineering College – Raipur

2. IIT – Bhilai

3. IIM – Raipur

It is quite a big campus, therefore, we have three institutes in the same campus and they are functioning well without causing any problem or hindrance in academic activity to any of the institutes. Whenever any activity is conducted and we expect a good crowd to participate, we know for sure that whether any other institute takes part or not these two institutes will participate. Though it is the main campus of Government Engineering College, they do not have a hostel on the campus, IIT Bhilai and IIM Raipur have the hostel facilities. More uniqueness of the campus is that we IIM Raipur has hostel facility in the Academic Building itself, therefore, it is very convenient for us to get up and reach the classroom within a minute.


Aditya Birla Housing Finance – Aditya Birla Capital

I would like to work for Aditya Birla Housing Finance Company in ABG. The reason behind choosing Housing Finance is because I have already worked in Housing Finance Company for 19 months after my graduation.

I worked as a Senior Sales officer for Tata Capital Housing Finance Ltd. I know the process and the documentation required for the housing finance sector and how to approach and acquire a new customer for the same. I even had a team of executive and I used to guide them in to meet the sales target.

While working in the sales team I even learned the other process to get approved the loan and find the deviation and mitigate them by coordinating with the credit, legal, and operations team. Therefore I believe that I will best fit in Aditya Birla Housing Finance – Aditya Birla Capital.


Sameer Xaxa – is a 2nd Year student at IIM Raipur