What Makes IIM Rohtak Unique

There are many B-Schools in India and in strategy and consulting class we learned that, core competencies are extremely pivotal for the growth of any firm/Institute. This is what our college is working towards. Our college is a haven for analytics and IT for taking informed business decision. It is the vision of IIM Rohtak to constantly innovate and adapt to the dynamic business needs in the market. Since, analytics and data management are extremely pertinent in the business world right now, the pedagogy has been adapted in such a manner so as to make students knowledgeable and expert in the analytics domains. Things like data mining, machine learning, and predictive modelling are used extensively to help students mould themselves to the needs of the Job market. Simulations and workshops are also undertaken to make students understand the intricacies of running a multi-billion dollars business, preparing students to take a more informed decision.

Analytics are not just limited to Information Technology in IIM Rohtak, rather, it is used in every field and subject here, be it marketing, Finance, Human Resource. Analysing and predicting the employee turnover rate is extremely important for any HR manager and this was one of the case for our class discussion. Projects like “analysing whether a loan will become NPA or not” based on various variables and using complex calculations in python and R have made students more and more confident in taking better decisions and to always back up their decisions on some analysis and statistics and helped them understand how banks rate the credit quality of loans and how can NPA’s be reduced, which is extremely essential for India right now.

Every student irrespective of his previous academic backgrounds is given an opportunity to understand and explore the complex yet an interesting world of data analytics and decision making. From the first term itself, we are taught complex excel formulas, macros, then in the second term we are taught R, the fastest growing statistical programming language. Creating dashboards is also a skill which gets honed due to the pedagogy of our college, wherein we are asked to create a dashboard for stock movements, analysing ratios of company etc, the knowledge of dashboards came of extreme help during my internship wherein I had to create a dashboard for the CEO of the firm.

So, if I were to sum up IIM Rohtak in a few words, I would say “better decision using better analysis”.


Which ABG company would you want to work for and why? 

A company I would personally want to work in the highly diversified Aditya Birla Group would be Aditya Birla Capital, especially in the mutual funds sector. The NAV of the mutual funds have consistent positive returns and ABG invests high amount in fundamental analysis of the companies in which it invests, and fundamental analysis and EIC approach have been my focus areas since graduation. Learning under the leadership of legend fund managers like Mr Satyabrata Mohant, Mr Dhaval Gala would be a honour for any finance aspirant. With private equity firms cashing out their investments in India. Private equity firms exit $18 bn in two years in 2015 and 2016, smaller investors, through Mutual funds will be the biggest help to the growth of India’s economy and to be aS part of this growth would be a huge honour for any one Mutual Funds is a sector where managers can make an impact in the lives of small investors by providing them consistent returns and in the overall economy too.