What Makes IIM Trichy Unique? – Reshma Kris

“Aspire to acquire the desire that you admire. But in that process if you perspire, don’t retire but Re-fire to acquire the desire that you admire.”

1) The Infrastructure:

IIM Trichy has the best Infrastructure among all other b- schools in India. Spread across an area of 175 – acre landscape, it rightly captures the essence of the Generation-Z via its Uniqueness and forward thinking. The complex has world class amenities, with innovative class rooms, air conditioned hostel rooms to accommodate around 400 students, staff quarters, a library which surpasses the standards of a conventional library by providing both access to knowledge and luxury, making it a reader’s paradise. The airport is just a 15-minute ride from campus and it also has easy access to the core regions of the city.

2) Rapid Growth Rate:

If to grow in an immense rate can be stated as flying, then yes IIM Trichy is flying at the moment. The National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) of the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) Ranked IIM Trichy at 15 in the category of management during the year 2018. It’s been just seven years of its commencement and IIM Trichy has become the leading institutes among the second generation IIM and by viewing at its growth trends, it actually has the potential to surpass the Older IIM’s in a few years. The dedication and commitment among the faculty and students is so immense that IIM Trichy in some years will become a commendable force that even the older generation IIM’s look up to.

3) Placements:

IIM Trichy has been a Trending destination for recruiters who flock to campus owing to its diverse educational expertise and work experience background. With the institute shifting to the “state of the art” permanent campus, the summer and final placements has been historic to say the at least. The no. of companies visiting the campus has been increasing at a wicked rate, thus standing as the testimony to the fact that IIM Trichy is setting its reputation to greater heights year after year.

4) Gender and Cultural Diversity:

India is popularly attributed as the “Land of Diversity” where people of various cultural and ethnical background come together to lay the stones of progression. IIM Trichy is a replica in this regard and hence can be rightly called as “Miniature India”. There is an almost equal participation of students from the north, the south, the west, the Central and the eastern states of India in IIM Trichy. It is the place where people of different background, language and opinion share their perspectives on a certain subject enabling the students of IIM Trichy to improvise their experience, skill, knowledge, and perspectives in a short span of time.

The women population in IM Trichy contributes to around 48 to 50 percent in the current academic year 2018-2020. This gender balance which is rare in other b-schools across India will certainly prove to be a stepping stone of a new era where men and women work together for a better world without any bias and will contribute to major changes and improvement to the society.

5) Feeling the Connect:

To tell that the faculty of IIM Trichy are expertise in their respective fields is definitely an understatement. They are much beyond that. The faculty here have a magnificent profile and it doesn’t stop just there. Every class taught by them is so very innovative and creative, that students do really experience the “fun part” of learning. The alumni bond is great here and the alumni’s are easily approachable. The alumni are the kind of people to whom we can open up, be ourselves, learn the tricks of the trade from them, and get free “Gyaan” sessions. It all feels so friendly and amicable that we can call IIM Trichy as our home.


“IIM Trichy – A place where opportunity meets Talent and Commitment. A place which stands as a testimony to the fact that if excellence and revolutionising the world is what you strive for, then your unquenchable thirst for reinventing and developing yourself will land you there someday.”



Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited

The Reason: 

            Truth be said, I am an avid fan of this company since its inception. And also the truth is that this company has had a reputation for reinventing itself every time it faces a drop on profit and its unique approach to come up with new strategies is what I like about this company. I can associate myself to this company because I am a shopaholic for many years and that has eventually made me understand the strategies of various fashion sectors. I love experimenting when it comes to fashion and Pantaloons were one of my favourite fashion retailers in India. My love for fashion retailing didn’t end there as I further ended up noting the tricks and trends of the trade and had developed a huge interest to pursue my career in this regard. Hence ABFRL is the company to which I relate myself to and I would love to work in this dream company.

– This article is written by Reshma Kris – Class of 2020

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