What Makes IIM Trichy Unique – Tatwawadi Shreyas Vinay

B-school selection is a herculean task for the MBA Aspirants, the confusion becomes real when it comes to selecting between the new IIMs. I was very much confused about which one to choose during my admission. I chose IIM Trichy because of the strong faculty that the college had built. It has the best permanent faculty to student ratio among the newer IIMs. The faculty members’ qualifications and quality are top notch. Most of the faculty have done their Doctoral Programs from IIMs or Ph.D. from IITs. All the faculty members are really helpful and would go the extra mile to make the student understand a certain concept and to make the learning of concepts easier.

There is a good number of guest faculty as well which take up a chunk of courses. The courses floated in the 2nd year of MBA are also varied and cover all the necessary aspects of MBA across different domains. The institute is also the first IIM to be granted the Institute University Recognition Programme by the CFA. There is also have guest faculties from the industry as well and there’s something called “Distinguished Guest Lecture Series” which provides a window to the students of IIM Trichy to gain a holistic view towards the society, corporate and the environment on a global scale.

The courses are well-covered but what makes it better is the pedagogy we experience at IIM Trichy. Faculty members are highly qualified and have strong industry background which they leverage to provide us in the coursework. Courses even take care to make student ready for competitions and industry. The quality of teaching and faculty are exceptional. The pedagogy has been designed keeping in mind the practical knowledge required to do exceptionally well in the real world. Incorporating R in the coursework owing to the growing use of the software and demand for professional capable of R programming is only one such example.

The most important and generally most overlooked aspect of the faculty here is that the blend of experience and youth is exceptional. The faculty with a lot of teaching experience and also work experience at the top organizations make them ideal for us. There are also a lot of young faculty with deep domain knowledge which makes the future prospects of the college even better, also the students have a friendly bond with the faculty which makes learning even better.


Aditya Birla Company I would like to work for

I would like to work for Aditya Birla Capital. India being a developing economy and, on its way, to become the leader of the needs to have robust financial markets supplemented by an equally robust insurance sector and capital markets. I am very interested in working as a manager at a leading organization and be a part of its growth. Being a Chartered Financial Analyst Level II candidate, I have gained theoretical knowledge and want to pursue my career in the same field which will help me gain practical knowledge.


This article is written by Tatwawadi Shreyas Vinay – Class of 2019

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