What Makes Jamnalal Bajaj Institute Of Management Studies Special

The first and most attractive thing you notice when you look at JBIMS campus is the red bricks building with a age old Banyan tree standing proudly in the so-called South Bombay area of Mumbai the city of dreams. I came here with a dream to discover myself. Give myself a freedom to push the limits to achieve something I would never think of. And JBIMS campus gives you this opportunity to discover your true calling. Try your hands at many things.

I got the opportunity to meet people with different qualifications and different backgrounds coming together studying together and standing together as a batch in difficult times. Coming to this college gave me a deeper understanding about life. It gave me a chance to look into different people’s life and be in their shoes to truly understand what they are going through.

Though we don’t have a residential campus but what brings uniqueness to the campus is the professors we have. We get to learn about the subject from the expertise. And we have fun while studying; it is not never a monotonous kind of learning. Professor Moradian starts his lecture at 7 with a morning sun and he will not stop until sun sets; but in his lecture not single person will sleep rather he would not let anyone sleep. He will just approach row that person is sleeping and shout at the peak of his voice.

One of our assignment given by Marketing Guru Jagdeep Kapoor was market survey of garbage bags. Everybody was doing survey in retail market but my friend was adamant on doing wholesale market survey. And this took us to wholesale market of Mumbai and at one point of time I was the only girl in whole market; everybody was looking at me as if I was from different planet. And everybody thought we are lost in the market because we two were only people in the market with ironed white shirt and black trousers with polished black shoes. But in the end we found the wholesale shops selling garbage bags and we also found one manufacturer of garbage bags. So that was a one hell of a experience but we got the essence of marketing that day that marketing is not the thing to be done while seating in AC hall and one needs to get onto the ground to actually get the feel of market. But some mysteries are better undiscovered. Like I still have no idea why we have a bathtub in middle of our campus.

Which ABG Company do you want to work for and why?

I always had inclination towards Finance from the starting. And finance classes in second semester helped me develop that interest. And in summers I have worked with a NBFC and so if given chance I would like to work for Aditya Birla Payments Bank.

JBIMS Placement Committee

JBIMS was established in 1965 by the University of Mumbai in collaboration with the Stanford Graduate School of Business. JBIMS is considered to be unique in management education as it is firmly rooted in the local soil and capable of articulating the Indian ethos. In the contemporary era, when globalization and liberalization are the buzz words, the institute has (without disturbing the said roots) ordered itself to meet the emerging challenges, sentiments and opportunities that are coming with the new economic order.