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It started as another typical marketing class with a case study as pre-read and a presentation from the next group on the list. I could remember, the case study was about ‘ITC e-Choupal’, the rural market e-hub which the ITC started. The designated group presented their thoughts and inputs on the case, they also recommended some suggestions to improve the reach and awareness (which was the major issue they were facing). Their recommendations invited multiple opinions from the class, the class discussion went up, bringing in various perspectives and ideas. It was going well and by the time the opinions were saturated and everyone came to a common ground, our professor then brought a new perspective to the arena.

Are the companies really into helping the poor or they simply do these activities for goodwill? as the activities which they do reach only to the landlords and not the actual poor, handing over the end authority to the landlords (without anyone to monitor) will only give them more power. Shouldn’t there be some sort of check whether the benefits are shared with the poor farmers?” – she quoted.

It was a food for thought for us, now we started discussing it and yes, a few pleasantries and jokes were exchanged during the session. Our professor then ended class with one healthy class discussion. And before leaving the class, she added,

Discussions were good!.. you guys were sharing a lot of jokes and filled the class with humour, I never stopped you people from doing so, but you shouldn’t have done those in this class! …not in this class! Certain things have to be taken seriously. Life isn’t about marketing and selling products but also to do good to the poor people. We should never take advantage of them and earn goodwill in an unrightful way“. I’m not able to recollect the exact words she used, but it was more or less the same. And yes, this was the most memorable moment!

The words might look normal and nothing extraordinarily special, but it was her tone and the emotion that got me! How often do we find people like that? She reminded everyone that we are first humans then only MBAs, Marketers and so on., and humans should have humanity and we should never indulge in unrightful things in the name of marketing.

In the current world, a lot of companies are playing the goodwill card for the namesake just to bring a sense of connect with the customer and yes it has been a success because we, the customers fall prey for such tactics. The real heroes are those who bring the change and make a real difference in the needy and people who are taken for granted with no profits in the back of their mind.

Though the actual session was on marketing, I felt it was like some Ethics class. I felt really lucky that I was in that class. The one big take away from that session for me was a reminder, a reminder that we are humans and humans are kind. Being kind is very simple! sometimes following the rightful and ethical way is also kind.

Why I would like to join ‘Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd’?

Fashion and Lifestyle are one of the most dynamic markets in the world. A lot of trends come and go, a few sticks, some people love trendy and flashy clothes and some, modern yet simple. All these things make it difficult to predict the customer preference/choice. Now coming to the question, the two reasons why I could like to join this company are, one, am an analytics guy and I am interested to work on pattern identification, sales analysis, customer classification, etc., (provided the dynamic nature of the market, it would be quite exciting). Secondly, I love Van-Heusen shirts! Regular customer.

– Vigneshwaran

  IIM Kashipur.

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