Marketing – Learning The Digital Way!

“The network of human nodes is the biggest advantage of digital marketing.”

The world leans over the mobile and the desktop. These two screens were just enough to feed my pocket and my creative urge. Being a digital marketing manager of a burgeoning startup, there is a lot of potential to experiment, learn and redo the strategies. Then why MBA? To stay prepared and anticipate.

Digital marketing has cut down the traditional means of marketing to a great extent. Digital is not just limited to social media, internet of things, internet marketing, SEM, web marketing or SEO. There is a lot more piping from various upcoming trends.  From big data to wearables, the ways consumers perceive data has been changing. What was communicated on the desktop once has drifted to the mobile. Wearables has overtaken mobile. What’s next? When digital befriended virtual reality and augmented reality, the marketing strategies need to pace ahead to create, maintain and serve your existing and potential consumers. Consequently, the marketing strategies ought to be consumer oriented. It is not unknown that consumer-oriented companies have always been on the top of the list when compared to product-oriented companies. Thanks to the technology, people are aware of your competitors in search of a better service.

At Indian Institute of Management Ranchi, the dynamic case studies we solve on the internet of things and mobile marketing helps to deal with real-time challenges.  The research techniques we learn to understand the consumer behavior eases the logic behind sorting the strategies. During my affair with social media, planning in advance has played a major role. It is MBA that builds the ability to think and plan by applying the hidden analytics.  The pragmatic and practical advice from the professors who have already excelled in digital marketing are valuable insights I am looking forward to implement.