MBA 4.O – Journey To IIM Kashipur

MBA enables us to develop business skill in a specialized domain. But what if the domain itself become uncertain about it functionality? Will I be able to sustain my passion to learn technology in this new environment?  My journey with IIM Kashipur starts with this question.

Leaders of the various industry come and share their experience about changing scenario of management during business conclave held in the college, but these session does not give me a satisfactory answer to my question. Until I came across a guest lecture by a professional who had specialization in Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and many other leading technologies of this era.

It was in the month of December where the winter of the Uttarakhand was at its peak and we had a midnight guest lecture by an eminent leader in the manufacturing industry. The guest spoke about the disruptive power of the technology in manufacturing industries. He talked about how our life is dependent on the technology and how you can milk the new changing lifestyle of the people into the business. The massive digital platform for marketing, operation etc made by tech giant company is changing the conventional way of doing business. The Super Computer vs Blockchain, 3D printing vs E-commerce operation were the prominent discussion topic. He clearly distinguishes the importance of the role  and skill which are to be acquired by the  new manager because   in a world where automation is fast disrupting businesses, anyone in leadership position must have adequate knowledge of technology as they would have to grapple with difficult decisions about the trade-offs between increasing automation and re-skilling those workers whose current skills are no longer useful. He said that business managers and leaders need to understand and comprehend the advances in artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning and automation and their transformational impact. The manager should have a view of the latest developments in robotics, automation and advances in information technology, and their effect on our current way of life and work. This lecture gave me guidance and then I could correlate my academic curriculum with my passion.

The importance of data crunching and their interpretation according to the Problem statement and business requirement grew as the curriculum is progressing. The diverse faculty of b-school which covers all the facets of business helped me to hone my skill.  The proficiency in technology became very smooth because I was able to connect the dots between technology and Business.

I wanted to narrate an incident of my summer internship where I was briefed about the 2-month task and the deliverable of these 2 months on the first day of my internship. To their surprise, I was able to complete my task within 1 week just because of my technological competency. Then Director asked me to share the resource with the current employee about the data transformation technology so that they can learn and update themselves.

The expertise in any one of the latest technology is need of the hour. Technology is changing the business landscape. Therefore, the business education is evolving with a new skill to furnish the new uncertain world. The elective and the syllabus in IIM is designed in such a manner that an individual comes across the data-oriented complex decision in business, ethical dilemma and multidisciplinary domain knowledge. Finally, I am proud of my decision of joining IIM Kashipur fraternity.


Technology Management Enthusiast