MBA To The Beat Of Kathak

The word MBA triggers a series of thoughts in my mind. A hectic two-year program with back to back classes, presentations, projects, tests, placements, committee work and there goes on the endless list.It enriches your personality, makes you strong enough to face the cut-throat competitive world outside, but what happens to the creative, artistic tinkling inside you?

When I decided to start my MBA journey with SIBM Bengaluru, I was apprehensive about the tedious life MBA graduates go through, not because of the change from Pharma to Management but because of the classical dancer in me. Being a hyperactive child, I was steered into dance by my mother at the age of seven. My mother’s undying devotion towards making me learn an art form made my dedication towards Kathak stronger.

Kathak (meaning storyteller) grew from ancient, peripatetic bards interpreting the mythological tales of the Indian epics. This beautiful dance form is akin to life itself. Kathak gives you the opportunity of emoting one line or one phrase in all its hues of interpretations ranging from the direct, to the metaphorical, to the suggestive and to the philosophical, but in Kathak alone!It celebrates the full potential of life with emphasis on depth and gravity.

Kathak and I share a journey which dates 16 years back. During these years, I have been blessed to have received teachings from both Lucknow and Jaipur Gharana. The variety and intricate details of every Taal, the sound of the ghungroos, the dance scenarios based on ancient stories and ragas to which we perform is a small window to the big beautiful world inside. I am proud to have held a distinction in Visharad (Graduation) in the same year in which I held a distinction in B.PHARM. With such hard work and riyaaz (practice) required by this dance form, I often wondered how could I continue practising this art in this MBA scenario.

The worry of the dancer in me was put to rest when I was selected in the dance club of SIBM, Bengaluru called Jhankaar. Jhankaargives dance enthusiasts a platform to participate in various festivals held in the college over the year. To name a few, we performed a flash mob in the first cultural event of our College, UTOPIA-an event held for international students, a dance for a bunch of lovely kids in UTTHAAN, a scintillating stage performance for our alumni in SAMAAGAM and various other cultural events in college. Jhankaar Club members have also participated in cultural competitions in inter-collegiate events. We also performed a classical fusion piece in the inauguration ceremony of UTOPIA as well as REVELATION, flagship event of our college.

SIBM Bengaluru gave me the opportunity to participate in MTV Colours of Youth 2017. Among the thousands who participated, the jury selected 5 participants, who made it to the Zonal Rounds and I was one among them. The Zonal Rounds gave me the chance to showcase the nuances of Kathak on a semi-classical Bollywood song, in front of esteemed judges like BennyDayal and Lauren Gottlieb. The comments given by the judges were extremely encouraging and boosted my confidence.

In the end, my message to everyone is to never let go of your talent, despite your busy schedule. Your talent makes you unique in its own way and is the best support you can fall back on.




About the Author:

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by

the ones you did”, a quote by Mark Twain is the motto that Janhavi stands by. She hails from

Mumbai, Maharashtra and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from University of Mumbai and a Visharad(Graduation) in Kathak from Akhil Bhartiya Gandharva Maha Vidyalaya. She did her summer internship at DXC Technology (Formerly Hewlett Packard Enterprise)in their Business Operations Department. She is a Student Research Assistant, a member of Extra-Curricular Committee and a member of Jhankaar Club in SIBM, Bengaluru. Janhavi is a dance enthusiast, lover of arts and music, doodler and a voracious reader.

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