‘Why MBA’ At IIT Madras!

A few months ago I was also at crossroads; I had recently started working at well known consulting firms (not big fours, then I would have never left). I had MHCET percentile of 99.78 so had a chance of getting SIMSREE as well. And I had DoMS IIT Madras. I was not interested at all to go to Baby IIMs or some of the new IIMs that I had converted (My CAT score was 98.8). Honestly, I just took a leap of faith and went for DoMS. But I have not regretted my decision of getting into IIT M.

Best part while most would say is a beautiful and green sprawling campus of IITM, I beg to differ. For me, the best part is the professors in our department. I have so far completed thirteen courses here and haven’t met a professor who is unprepared. You can throw them any question and you will get an answer. We have got professors who can teach literally any subject of the entire curriculum, who is currently on board of directors of IIM Trichy. And we have a professor who has thousands of paper citations and he is considered among the top ten authorities of Operations management in the world. We have a professor (not guest) from freaking “MIT”. Most of our professors either run a startup or mentor a few. And all of them are deep in the research with around 150 PhDs and 30 something MS students. I have seen them leaving the department at 3 in the morning. That reminds me our department is open 24 Hours including the labs.

The quarter system (*2 quarters each with 7 subjects = 1 semester) here is quite exhausting, then again it’s an MBA program. For every course the professor is everything. He can choose how he would like to grade when he would like to grade, and what not. Some can even choose not to take the exam at all. But believe me, if you were to come here you should pray for the exam. Being in IIT, courses related to Operations and Analytics are our best courses. And analytics is getting traction these days. Yet we have equally good Finance and Marketing subjects. It gets even better because we are allowed to take electives from any department of IIT. So I guess the choice of electives in terms of number is unparalleled.

Other perks of being in IIT are innumerable from all night canteens, no time restrictions. There is not a thing you can not get on the campus. We got more than 15 places to eat. The environment on campus is such that we have dozens of startups soon to get big and you can work with them easily (I am working with two such and learning a lot). Also, There are more than Hundred of them in IITM Research park (shown below), a huge incubation center fully funded by IIT. We got Deers and monkeys to play around. We can pursue dozens of leisure time courses related to Music, Arts, Photography, Dancing, Yoga or even Martial arts! Every sports facility is heard, some of them you might not have even heard of. We are bombarded with guest lectures around the year. You can watch the latest movies on the big screen every Saturday in the Open Air Theater for just 30 bucks. There are clubs for everything, literally. Last but not least, the green campus, you can never get tired of it.

iit madras campus

You might think despite being this good why isn’t our department in the top ranks of most lists? That’s because for some unknown reason the department management decided not to participate in the MBA ranking surveys. But as IIT, we are second only to IISC for being the best university since past three years. In my opinion, DoMS is certainly at par with Most of the new IIMs and can be counted among top 20s in India.

Now to talk about placements, the reason most of you would have been scrolling down for! Placements at DoMS are good (not jaw-dropping good as big names, but good enough!), especially final placements. Big recruiters such as RBS, McKinsey, Accenture-Analytics, Cisco have been coming every year. And batch size is usually around 60. So everyone gets into placement. If not we can always turn to the Institute level placement committee. So we actually have two channels of getting placed.


So if you are thinking of joining the MBA program of IIT Madras, go ahead and make that decision.


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Vedant Diwan

An MBA student of Department of Management studies at IIT, Madras.




Hello Vedant, I have converted IIT-M but I am skeptical about joining it as I am an automobile engineer with two years work experience in sales and marketing, will IIT-M would be a good place for my profile?

vedant dewan

I can assure you from my experience at DoMS that, a person with two years of workex will have more advantage in MBA than anyone else. And IIT Madras will provide you with best opportunity in terms of learning, networks and placements, apart from so many extra pros I have mentioned here. So I think you can certainly go ahead with it.

Siddhant Varma

Hey Vedant, you have specifically mentioned domains like Ops, Analytics, Marketing. But, the tag of IIT is associated with that of being a premier technical institute. How are the faculties for IT domain. Also, you mentioned some big recruiters among the former mentioned domains, but going through the latest Placement reports there are no major recruiters for IT. Why so?

vedant dewan

The placement process is dynamic – companies visit the campus based on requirement (so they may not turn up in some years). At the same time, the Company profile and the industry profile are not the same always. Some times a non-IT company can also offer IT profiles.
This year’s IT recruiters were Micron, Carwale, May bank, Infosys.

Faraz Ali Khan

In addition to what Vedant has said, other companies which offered IT specific roles in the ’19 batch were Wipro, CTS and TCS.
Faculties in the IT, rather the Information System dept include people having some of the following degrees-
MS & PhD from University of Tennessee,US; M.Tech(ISI,Calcutta); PhD (NUS, Singapore); PhD Research (Goizueta Business School,Atlanta).
Don’t take my word for it. See for yourself here

Faraz Ali Khan

Hi Vikash
To add to what Vedant has already clarified, one third of the 2017-19 batch have been non engineers with people from backgrounds as diverse as English hons and CA apart from the usual B.Coms, BBAs,BCAs. They make up about 32% of the batch and you can verify this from the placement report. Professors will connect more with people who attend their classes diligently irrespective of background. They will value sincerity over subject choice in undergraduation.

mohammad mujahid

Hello Vedant , how are the placement for fresher(Engineer) in IIT madras, do they get decent placement in terms of roi

Faraz Ali Khan

Hi Mujahid. Freshers got a highest package of 16.8lpa, with the mean hovering around 9 and the average at 10.6lacs. The majority of the roles were in Consulting (33%), Finance (26%) and IT (26%)