MBA Interview Experience – IIM Nagpur – Sree Harsha Ainapurapu

After the CAP and other institutes’ interview processes, I was waiting for the results, hoping to get into one of the newer IIMs. It was the third week of April, I was working as usual on a busy Monday and received an email stating that I had been shortlisted for stage 3 of the admission process for PGP in Management from IIM Nagpur. I was asked to choose the location and slot for PI-WAT rounds. I chose Bangalore as I was working there. My interview was scheduled during the 2nd week of May at 9AM with guidelines mentioned.

On May 11, foreseeing the busy roads of Bangalore I started early but was still stuck in traffic. As time was ticking, I was even more tensed about my interview. I reached my allotted venue just in time. I was the last person to enter the hall and the person who came after the time, was asked to wait for the second batch. There was a long table with students sitting with a paper and pen, while the professor instructed on the procedure for WAT.

Like the case-based methodology of IIM Nagpur, a small case regarding plagiarism and its punishments was given and we were asked to take a decision as the director of IIM Nagpur on the incident. We were given about half an hour for the task. The first 10 minutes of WAT was allotted to pen down the points and the next 20 min to complete it. Later, there was a break of 15 min, after which the interviews started. There were two panels and I was allotted panel 2.

I was trying to stay calm and was waiting for my turn. When my turn came, I made myself confident and entered the room with the folder of certificates in my hand. As I greeted the panellists, I was offered a seat. There were three of them. One of the panellists was a professor from IIM Nagpur (P1), a professor from IIM Ahmedabad (P2) and a professor from IIM Bangalore (P3). The Professors looked calm, cool and made me feel comfortable.

P2: Tell me about yourself

I started as a story with my family background, educational background, what all activities I took up at school and college, my awards and recognitions. Then I explained about my work experience and ended with hobbies.

P2: Explain your work ex and your role in the project?

I explained to them about my 3 years of work experience. I connected my work ex with my engineering domain as well as with the business domain. Then about the responsibilities and initiatives I took and awards and recognition, I received there.

P1: You worked on Induction motor is it? Explain how induction motor starts?

With my engineering specialization in EEE (Electrical and Electronics Engineering) I explained to them the parts, working, types of an induction motor and where it is used. I could sense that they were impressed.

P2: You seemed to be doing good at your job and you seemed to possess good knowledge in your domain. Why did you choose to do an MBA?

I had prepared for this question and followed the flow that I had planned for my previous interviews.

P3: Your hobbies include playing chess. How good are you? Do you know how the chess rating is calculated?

I played in chess tournaments and received many awards. I explained the procedure.

P3: Solve these two puzzles and explain the approach how to solve? (two chess puzzles were given)

I took time to think and solved them. I explained the strategy; my approach to the solution. He was impressed by my thought process.

P1: What is your opinion on the budget?

I read the newspaper articles, saw some YouTube videos about the budget and prepared my notes. I answered the positives, the improvements needed, impact of it on various industries.

They told the interview is over and I can leave.

The interview lasted for around 35min. I had a positive feeling about the interview. The interviewers looked impressed by my performance. I was confident that I would be selected.

It was on May 25th, the last day in my office was when I received an email stating that I was selected for the PGP at IIM Nagpur. I had discussions with my family, friends and relatives about which college to join as I had other offers as well. Looking to the future, where 5 years down the line IIM Nagpur could compete with the older IIMs, I decided to choose IIM Nagpur. Nonetheless, six months into the PG Program, I can say that I am happy about my decision to choose IIM Nagpur.

Few tips:

Be calm, don’t reveal your stress and pressure.

Be confident and answer patiently.

Read well about your company and prepare to present your work ex well. (if you have any work ex)

Be prepared with “tell me about yourself” and why MBA questions.

Be sincere in all answers. You can take your time to think if you are stuck.

Finally ALL THE BEST!!!