MBA – A Journey Beyond A Fancy Placement!

Whenever we hear the word ‘MBA’, the first question that pops out of our mind is that of the B-school & further then stretched to placements. Believe it or not, a lot of students choose a college on the basis of the previous year’s placement report.

MBA is much more than cracking CAT, getting a good percentile & also beyond the idea of a fancy placement. In my opinion, MBA is one of the most exciting degrees to pick for one’s career as it helps you learn & grow through experiences, allowing yourself to risk options, make decisions, juggle between opportunities & the most important of all ‘Networking’.

Whether you choose a tier-1 college or no, the key idea (from my own experience) is to generate leads and opportunities for yourself, by yourself. No one knows what ‘you’ are capable of and thus, you were somebody with or without experience, can compare and choose the best opportunity for you.

Whichever specialisation you may choose, be it HR, Marketing, Finance & Operations, talking to people can help you understand the real statistics, work environment and give a reality check about the industry or the company you wish to pick. The idea of the program is much more than educating one about the industry jargons. On the contrary, it is a platform that helps you meet some of the best minds, from faculty to fellow students to guests to alumnus.

Think more than what has been asked for, deliver more than the work that has been assigned & constantly lookout for opportunities; because there are a lot of them out there for each one of us, but all we need to do is ‘Stay Connected.’

Prachi Taneja

I am pursuing MBA in Marketing from IBS (Batch of 2019). I am an avid reader and constantly finding opportunities to help me learn & grow. Also, I am a foodie currently based in Delhi NCR.