Reaching towards the end of 2 months of the 2nd year of my MBA journey from IIM Shillong, I can feel the transformation in my overall personality and thought process when contrasted with the pre-MBA previous version of myself. After surviving the roller coaster ride of the first year of MBA, now in the second year with a slighter relaxed schedule, it feels a bit nostalgic while seeing the sleep-deprived juniors hovering around here and there to get their tasks done within the stipulated deadline. Whether it may be reaching classes on time, or attending podium sessions, or completing midnight assignments, or preparing for the next day’s pre-reads or quizzes, the unending rundown continues forever. While going through a series of unavoidable activities day in and day out in such a limited time schedule, one is ought to get into a state of bewilderment.

Considering all these aspects into consideration, I planned to write this article which I hope proves to be of some help for the current first-year students and the prospective MBA aspirants in ways that could bring down their anxiety levels a bit and help them judiciously manage their time schedules.

Starting from the very basic things, one should try to maintain a balanced sleeping schedule, stealing at least 5 hours of sleep in a day, despite a rigorous schedule stacked with assignments, quizzes, inductions for clubs & committees, pre-reads, podium sessions etc. etc. You can sneak every possible opportunity to take a nap because a healthy and active mind is necessary for the body to function properly.

Take the academics sessions taught in the class very seriously including the pre-reads, case studies and the assignments because they would build your foundation and clear basic concepts for the future MBA journey and prepare you for your Summer Internship (SIP). In-Depth knowledge of subjects such as ITT (Information Tools), MM (Marketing Management)-I & SDM (Statistical Decision Making) would come in handy in your SIP interviews.

You would be exposed to the process of inductions into the clubs and committees in the 1st term itself. The induction process would be a path for you to grab a POR (Position of Responsibility) or two as a CV point. But above that, the association with any of the two or both is in itself a great learning curve which hones a participant’s leadership skills and team spirit. But don’t get disheartened even if you don’t nail it in light of the fact that there so many opportunities awaiting you in the near future.

The MBA life greets you with loads of CV building opportunities such as Corporate and B-School Competitions, Live Projects, Online Internships, Position of Responsibilities, Certifications and many others. Therefore, I recommend that one should choose wisely with so many options available. It is recommended that you should start working on creating and improving your CV along with the HR questions in the 1st term itself. This practice would be quite useful for your internship preparation.

The IIMs offer you a General Management program. That means that in the 1st year, one is required to develop a fundamental understanding of various domains such as Marketing, Finance, Operations, etc. Subsequently, in the second year, one is required to bid for the subjects according to the personal preference.

One of the most important attributes of MBA colleges is peer learning. The measure of learning one gets while interacting with peers and seniors is colossal because of the different diverse backgrounds each one of us come from. Students come from different states across the country, speak multilingual languages, have different preferences but according to me, this diversity unites us, because there is so much scope for learning through the interactions with peers which includes study groups, club-committee groups, mentor-mentee (senior- junior) buddy groups, and so on that one automatically gets to interact with almost whole of the batch. Sharing experiences with so many talented people all around and understanding them personally is something to look forward to.

The campus never comes to a standstill at any point of the hour throughout the day. There is something or the other going around. You must be wise to strategically utilize your time without skipping a task or two. After completing the requisite quota of classes, the actual MBA life of effective time management commences. You have a long list of tasks awaiting in your checklist ranging from group meetings for upcoming projects, or club meetings for events, or a toastmaster sitting, or a podium session or a preparation for a presentation next day and the list goes on.

All the points mentioned above are only a tip of the iceberg which the MBA journey offers you throughout the course of two years. Due to article size constraints, I’ll like to end it here only. But I assure you that I would come up with another article with some other MBA life hacks on how to survive these precious two years of your life and make the best out of it.

Sudhansh Singh

SUDHANSH SINGH PGP 2017-2019 IIM Shillong Singer || Sketcher || Painter || Photographer


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