MBA – The MDI Way

MDI Gurgaon has a beautifully set campus sprawling over 37 acres. ManDevIans, as we students call ourselves are nearly inconspicuous of the hustle and bustle of the city outside. We are living a busy life of our own in the campus. Every ManDevIan is jam packed with academics, club activities, sports, corporate competitions etc. With every fast pacing day, we miss appreciating one thing – “The intricate beauty of our campus”

The campus has well maintained lawns and gardens on one side and then there are tiny patches of naturally grown vegetation. If we walk down any lane of the campus, we would be captivated by the beautiful songs of the birds. There is a big nest of parrots near the Directors bungalow that creates a symphony as we walk past them. In the wide spread lawns and in the nook holes of the auditorium building we can find a big flock of pigeons. When we try feeding them you can see the friendliness of the birds. But the most fun part is running through the big bunch of birds sitting on the lawn, which instils are sense of joy and happiness. There are two big stress busters in our campus. First, the super energetic squirrels. Watching the squirrels play on the grounds is like a meditation for the mind. You can watch them all day long. This soothing experience sure can fill you up with energy and uplift the mood. Second, we have the heroes of our campus running all around the place with smiling faces and heads held high – our friendly dogs. They are an enthusiastic bunch of folks who are always looking to play with you. They are so professional by nature that none of them have the habit of licking you. And the best part is that these dogs are always looking out for a dance if you care to join them. This is my campus and I’m happy to be a part of it.

I would like to work with Aditya Birla Retail Ltd.

Since my childhood I’ve been shopping in super markets and wondered how they are functioning. Being a part of this would help me understand human resource side of this fast pacing food and consumer product industry. I would love to gain an insight in the employee behaviour, requirements & talents and how it is managed by ABG group.