35 Truths About Life At Indian B-Schools | B-School Students & Alumni Speak

Over the years, we have received numerous stories of MBA students sharing sneak peeks of the good, bad and the ugly of their B-school lives. While thousands of stories exist about ‘learning’ and ‘opportunities’ and ‘friendships’, only a handful have the courage to share stories of the ‘reality of MBA’ in India – stories of what goes on behind the scenes; and that too, anonymously.

Here, we have compiled some such realities that B-school students (some of whom are now alumni) claim to have experienced during their time as MBA students at their respective business schools.

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Couldn’t disagree more with any article across all MBA websites..Whether the author has a personal grudge towards his MBA or just trying the ‘Popularity by controversy’ game. Just cannot expect this quality of an article by a website like ‘insideiim.com’.

Note to author: Your sample size is too small sir. Please go around, explore and talk to more people before generalizing anything.

Tushar Khaire

I can totally understand your dissent over this particular article. By the description of the article i.e. “Truths” you should be able to comprehend that this isn’t going to be a sweet/evergreen explanation of what goes around in a premier B-school.

Shailesh Mittal

I disagree with point 11. After all commerce people are supposed to pursue something from their field which engineers don’t do. They have to make an extra effort.