This Is What MBA Schools Are For, Preparing You For Life – K J SIMSR

As I stepped into the Somaiya Campus, I was covered with an umbrella to protect myself from the Mumbai rains. As I peeked from the inside of the umbrella, the view was mesmerizing. The green gardens, concentric courses for running, the arena for sports as football, basketball, and many indoor games are a part of the campus, a rare view in a fleeting and bustling city of Mumbai.  Inside the K J Somaiya Institute of the Management Studies and Research (SIMSR), the Ganpati statue at the center imbibes the auspicious beginning of a great journey ahead. One can experience the peace and contentedness in its environment.

The new hostel building of SIMSR is the most complacent place to live. The hostel includes the gymnasium, mess serving near-to-home food, activity room and a shared space for students to blend and work. During the induction week, we explored the academic building accompanied by the library, the colossal collection of the books. The Amphitheatre adjoining the academic building is the most happening spot for the events and fests.

During this week, we were able to connect with the classmates, colleagues, seniors, and faculties. The outbound session was a cherry on the cake for us to interface with each other outside the premises. Within two weeks, the welcoming event ‘All Izz Well’ fest approaches. It is the best time to collate with the colleagues and showcase our talents.

Lectures are conducted throughout the week, and a continuous assessment is a part of the curriculum including class participation, assignments, and tests. Every branch of PGDM has its structured curriculum with certain specialized subjects. The professors take initiatives for making the classroom sessions interactive and useful via case studies, group activities, presentations, and videos. They are quite approachable, motivate and guide students for prospects.

If you are in SIMSR, explore beyond the books. Engage and enroll for the live projects, guest lectures, certifications, research papers and various contests being conducted online as well as offline. SIMSR also fosters student exchange programs with various international universities that help in amalgamating the different cultures thereby enriching Somaiya’s environment. All such programs assist in the overall development of the student and act as an additional advantage in the resume.

SIMSR is a student-driven body, thus provides an extensive exposure and experience to the management practices of the real world. It has a continued list of committees and clubs that offer you a further advancement in your intra-personal skills help you gain insights and prepare for corporate practices. Once these committees start pitching for themselves and conducting interviews, the sleepless nights become part of your routine.

Over the hectic schedules, the task of forming CVs and the wave of ‘Summer Placements’ soon appear. However, this is what MBA schools are like, preparing you for life. As quoted by Bobby Unser ‘Success is where preparation and opportunity meet’, SIMSR is one such hamlet.

Shreya Matta

Shreya Matta is an MBA student at KJ Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research (SIMSR). She is a member of the Admissions Committee (AdCom) of SIMSR. She is a graduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering and has a work experience of 2 years in Cognizant Technology Solutions.