MBA: Should you or Shouldn’t you

In most cases, the decision to do an MBA is a consequence of choices made or a chance. This article delves into  underlying reasons apart from the quintessential ‘Why MBA’, behind a decision to go for an MBA.

Why one should choose to do an MBA:


Change of career path

For majority, under graduation just happens. The stream or specializations are very less meaningful when all it matters is just the college name. Realization comes only towards the end of 3-4 years or after joining the first job. At this stage, the obvious next step is to look for a way out. A post-graduation in suitable field serves the purpose.


Campus life

One strong reason to cherish 2 years of MBA for life is the time spent on campus. From early morning classes to night outs for group projects, campus life definitely goes beyond ROI calculation. Also the plethora of clubs, committees and special interest groups are always there to retreat from the busy academic schedule. Ten years down the line, it’s not about jobs and packages that people discuss in the alumni meets but about those CS or NFS matches played during late nights.


Accelerated career growth

Typically, it takes around 3-5 years to reach a junior management level; around a decade or so with multiple job shifts to reach mid-management. MBA helps to drastically cut down this time to nearly half, based on the kind of b-school. Although an under graduate could rise up the ranks on a similar career path, the ‘MBA’ tag gives definitive edge in most cases and in most companies. Also, quite a lot of higher positions have MBA as a compulsory requirement.


The Network

Mid-way through career, strength of one’s resume contributes very less when it comes to alternate job options. The network built over a period of time plays significant role in not only getting access to such information but also clinching the roles that you are waiting for. The roots of such purposeful networks are formed during b-school days itself. In a nut shell, your contacts are more important than CV points.



This is one area where top B-Schools in India outshine their international counter parts, hands down. The amount of rigor offered by Indian B-Schools ensure that no challenge seems so big when you enter the professional world. During first few months, people usually post status such as “A week might not always have 7 mornings & 7 nights”, “Day and Night have become very close”, etc. Multiple project deadlines at 23:59:59, Surprise quizzes, Cases running into 25 pages make sure that you always look to save those few minutes during lunch or dinner. Overall, the hectic schedules and the kind of challenges thrown push your risk appetite and stress handling a few notches higher.

Having said the reasons that support the decision to do an MBA, following are a few that don’t.


Why one shouldn’t choose to do an MBA


You hate your boss or job

If your boss is annoying and you want to prove a point or you don’t like the job for any other reason, MBA is not the resort. Since 2 years of MBA is a kind of investment for the rest of life, the decision should be driven by the need for MBA and not by dislike towards alternatives.

i hate my boss


Colleagues always get high ratings

If you are consistently rated lower compared to your peers, it doesn’t mean MBA can do the magic. The reason might lie in the job fit or the company fit. MBA provides immense learning opportunities but is not a place to go for performance improvement.


Parents might get you married

Although not a problem for guys, girls usually see this problem coming. To postpone marriage by at least a couple of years, MBA seems to be a good option. In case the decision to do an MBA is influence by such threats, the purpose of b-school education is definitely not served true to its potential.


It is real fun

Parties, Outings & more: it is fun but not only fun. You would surely have your fair share of fun but it is justified and possible only when majority of the efforts are channelled in the right direction. On the other side of the coin, lot of hard work is required to let you sail through. There will be times when you have to stay up till 4 AM making the report and attend the class at 8:30 AM to face a quiz.


Done with CAT, for life

It is true that over the years, CAT has become unpredictable. But the scepticism about scoring at same level or better in the next year’s CAT should not force you to join a B-School that don’t completely fit the requirements. To avoid this situation, one should give multiple exams and apply to a good number of institutes to have a better set of options.


Someone is getting a 7 digit pay

While it is highly likely that doing an MBA qualifies a person for better paying jobs, it can never be the sole reason to join MBA. A good paying job is always an outcome of doing MBA but should not be the motive behind the same. Because when a fat pay check is the only intention, a great deal of compromise happens on the learning front which is an important take away.

7-digit salary


More ‘likes’ (Pun intended)

Last but not the least, the number of likes you will get for posts on which b school you have converted, where you are joining, pics of freshers party, etc. can no way influence your decision.


– Sasi Kanth

SasiSasi Kanth Pingali is a  PGPM  student at MDI-Gurgaon. Previously, he worked as Sr. Business Analyst in one of the world’s largest pure play analytics companies. His interests are Analytics, Consulting & Marketing. He is a foodie, likes traveling and blogs at

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Sasi Kanth

Sasi Kanth Pingali is a 1st year PGPM student at MDI-Gurgaon. Previously, he worked as Sr. Business Analyst in one of the world’s largest pure play analytics companies. His interests are Analytics, Consulting & Marketing. He is a wannabe fitness freak and blogs at