MBA Student, You’re On The Right Track!

Do you still cherish the moment of converting a call from top b-school? Why not? You should! You have strived for attaining this for months along with your other responsibilities like corporate job, or studies if you were a fresher before landing into a top b-school. After celebrating all the happiness with family, friends, relatives, seeing that pride & satiation on your parents’ faces, after all the goodbyes, the journey begins. Right from the very first day at b-school, you face the rigour, sleepless nights, quizzes, interviews, selections. You get to introduce yourselves to the brightest minds. You see the number of competitions from different college committees, from other b-schools, from corporate world companies apart from academics. Guest lectures from the top most intellectuals from society, who speak with you like a family and help you carve out a niche for yourself as a business tycoon or a good human.

Among all this, a thought runs in the back of your mind. Damn! I have left my job, my monthly salary, the authority and facilities, I was enjoying there. Being a fresher, you start remembering your good old days, where you used to get ample of spare time. You start wondering, why did I leave all the sorted life and come here to go through all this? Take a pause! You are ignoring the transformation your personality is heading towards. You are becoming a better person, an inspiration for millions of MBA aspirants. You are becoming a pride for your family, friends, relatives and all your well-wishers. It will be difficult initially, but it is worth. The experiences shared by the alumni, by different inspiring achievers help you get through this! Small achievements during these 2 years will elate you. Your CV helps you realise you have done a good job in your life so far!

In top b-schools, where the campus is so vibrant, I feel I have done so many things in the past one month that I had not done in last one year. You will feel the resonance of your capabilities and transformation of your personality into versatility. The day you complete, you will reverberate with happiness as maybe this is your last educational ride. Make that ride memorable by making friends for lifetime. Learn as much as you can from the professors who are the abundant sources of knowledge. Gear yourself up and enjoy the thrill. Salute the transformation you are undergoing and toil for the bright future.

The opportunities you are receiving here, you would not have received in any mediocre b-school. Rock the platform you have arrived. Become a better part of the society by excelling your skill-set. Lead this venture to a success with shine of your achievements. You may feel tired at times. However, try to remember the niche you carved out for yourself and get boosted. Overcome all the hurdles with the help of friends. Help them climb the ladder. Try to be better than you were yesterday. Try to reach where you think you deserve. Try to become a pride for the whole nation one day by adding value to this society.

Snehal Morankar

Student at IIM, Lucknow, Former Developer at i|Nautix Technologies(a BNY Mellon Company), Former project intern at TRDDC(TCS), Studied BE in Computer Science at PICT, Pune.



Nitish Jadhav

Very well written..!!
Can you please share your academics as I am also a student of Pune University and wanted to know my chances of getting into top IIMs!

Snehal Morankar

Hey Nitin! Even if you are an average student in Pune university with 60%, please, don’t lose hopes. I know that students of Pune university get this enigma by seeing other competitors with good CGPA on their score card. But, IIM’s are well aware of this fact. And you can always justify during the interview by giving the statistics. You can get through the whole process and make it to a good B-school. Don’t let your past hamper your ambitions. Toil up the way! All the best!

Ramesh Morankar

Very good, keep it moral and do the best at yr level and gain expertiseness in yr field ,I hope you will do that and get success with flying colours. Wish you all the best.