MBA teaches you nothing. Nothing at all!

In India, MBA is just a degree which teaches you how to fool others, how to play with others emotions by not working in groups, throwing around jazzy management jargons which can very well be explained in plain English and above all,  how to network your way up the B School ladder through desperate class participation to influential seniors and playing politics to get into the so called popular clubs. There is no knowledge or learning in this as the driver to perform is motivated by only two things: placements and grades.

To make the matters worse, we are pitched against our best friends by a mathematical formula and the normal bell curve distribution. Where exactly is the learning, I fail to understand!  Every project and submission is a one night wonder. We learn the art of cut, copy and paste which degrades our inherent thought process and may make us less creative. Exams too are a repeat of what happens in the engineering colleges: Past year questions adorn them and all that the students do is to spend more time digging those old papers out than making an effort to understand the concepts. There is so much pressure and burden that individuals are sleep deprived and in a depressed state all the time. After all this, what good can the MBA do to us other than training us like donkeys?  We seem like machines produced in a factory having the finest brains but controlled by the corporations to do their bidding and stifle our own imagination and passion.

The first year is a hell and the top premium institutes are no different. Come second year and course bidding system discriminates between those who ruthlessly deploy game theory and those who genuinely want to learn multiple subjects but can’t have it all. Apart the heavily bided courses, others courses are not recognised by the firms that come to recruit and hence, aren’t not considered as a value addition. Every other management institute claims to attain 100% placement in record time every single year but those who have been there know better. Exaggeration of pay packages and the ever increasing count of foreign jobs have become a private joke among the MBA students.

At the end, you have the name, the tag, the swag but take a moment and ask this to yourself: Are you any better than what you were when you graduated from your engineering college?

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