Of Time And Tide – How MBA Unfolded At SIBM Bengaluru!

SIBM B is the pathway to follow your dreams. It adds a pinch of the perfect mix of opportunities and challenges to a student’s life, making it vivid and worthwhile. The door of opportunities slides open to a plethora of events and activities that aim to bring out the best in you by making you push your limits at every step. Some challenges will make you feel alive, engaged, connected, and fulfilled. Others will simply leave a trail of lessons. Each day sets out to make one emerge bolder and better, ready to face the dynamic business environment.

The institute has a strong academic foundation. The erudite faculty act as a guiding light for all the students and enrich the young minds with their prudence. Each lecture delivers a series of learnings that equip us to deal with all the possible scenarios. The engaging Harvard Case discussions and their solutions are a breath of fresh air. Access to the Bloomberg terminal, learning of various languages and softwares like R, Tableau, Excel and many more make our course structure a desirable one. Well-furnished classes and the continuous upgrade of technology enhance the teaching methods and foster a better exchange of ideas between the faculty and the students. The knowledge I gained here enabled me to put forward my views in a better way during my SIP interviews and finally helped me to get placed at a leading multinational FMCG company for my summer internship.

The campus is always bustling with one activity or the other. The 12 committees and 14 clubs give a kaleidoscopic view of the college. Each committee and club aims to engage the students in meaningful tasks which not only sharpen their managerial acumen but also nourish their organising skills. The extended hours of meetings, be it a morning or late evening call, a 2:00 A.M. cup of coffee and long hours of contemplation, makes life here busy. The organizing of various social and cultural events of the college, participation in cultural performances like Mime, working as an editor of Symbeat – Official online Magazine of SIBM B and running of online promotion campaigns as a part of Public Relations and Media Committee, made my first semester vibrant.

SIMB B is a completely student-driven institute that has committees assigned to carry out various duties. From the specialisation clubs such as marketing, finance, operations, and human resources, to the clubs that complement your hobbies – photography, music, dance, and art, there is a place for all. An overall 360-degree development in a student’s personality is ensured as the students take charge of almost everything that forms a part and parcel of their college life. The insightful guest sessions, corporate induction, and the alumni talks make us aware of the trends in the industry and let us know the desired skillset that one has to develop in these two years.

The college is renowned for the celebrations of various festivals in the campus premises. The diversity among its students who hail from different backgrounds and parts of the country forms a colourful palette that paints and beautifies the walls of the institute. One gets to learn and respect various cultures and revel in their religious spirit. The unity is enhanced and the feeling of oneness is crowned on our head. A place of knowledge becomes a place of origin of lifelong friendships.

There are countless moments which make the MBA life at SIBM B a memorable one. The numerous assignments, presentations, and internal assessments, always keep us on our toes. But at the end of the day, it is all worth the effort – smart work and hard work, you get to do everything. As the clock of the day does its rounds, be it in the amphitheatre, reading room, TV room or the council room, time flies whenever we sit together in groups for chats, work, event meetings or for endless stories. The basketball court, tennis and badminton court are filled with evening buzz as the students wear their cap of sportsmanship. Lastly, every day in this college is marked by an aesthetic end. As you see the night sky turns different shades of hue and the floating clouds seem like dancing ribbons adorning the blue, you dawn on a beautiful realisation. You are there in your magic land- the place you always wanted to be at!

About the Author:

Saieesha Rastogi, a first-year MBA student at SIBM B hails from the city of Ghaziabad. Having done her graduation in Management Studies from Delhi University, she chose MBA in Marketing as the way forward. She is a voracious reader and erratically pens life concepts down on her blog. A member of the Public Relations and Media Committee of the college, Saieesha looks at personality development and extra-curricular as vital cogs in management education.


SIBM Bengaluru

Ever since its inception in 1978, SYMBIOSIS has been synonymous with progress. The trend of progress has been continued by setting up of SIU’s first campus outside Maharashtra at Bengaluru in 2008. SIBM Bengaluru is now one of the leading B-Schools of the country. The focus, now, is on matching global standards of management education. SIBMB instills a work culture which is unparalleled among various institutions. It provides a holistic approach to management which goes a long way in creating a dynamic identity. Vibrant student associations and committees complement the program with a number of activities involving institute-industry interaction.