MDI Gurgaon – All In A Day’s Work


Imagine the following scenario. A typical B-school. A stack of assignments, case studies, and presentations that you are yet to get to. You try to prioritise what’s more important and start working on it. You have 3 submissions tomorrow: 2 presentations and 1 assignment. Time – 1:00 am, Deadline – 5:30 am. So, you slog the whole night trying to complete and submit all the tasks before the deadline. Finally get to sleep at 6 am. And you have to wake up by 8 to reach the 8-30 class on time. But of course life doesn’t always go according to plan, does it? So, you wake up at 8-25 and spend a minute just trying to figure out what’s happening. So, at 8-26, when the jolt of being late to class kicks in, you run for your life. And reach the class just before Sir entering. Mission successful. But the main task is yet to be done. Being attentive in class. With 2 hours of sleep, it just seems highly improbable that you will be able to listen to what Sir is teaching with utmost concentration. So, your eyes get heavy …..and you doze off. Just as sir notices, you wake up with a jolt and you realise that the whole class has been noticing you for the last 2 minutes. And as per the rule, you have to dance! And that too on a Bhojpuri dance so you get up to dance and entertain the whole class! Along with you, the whole class is wide awake now …and that’s social service!


Being a 25-year-old girl in this competitive world, it’s not as easy to survive as it sounds. Having worked at a consultancy for more than 2 years, I have worked on many demanding projects with tight deadlines and urgent client requirements. Along with this, a woman has to break a lot of barriers trying to shut down those who tell you that you can’t do it or make it. Making your way in a crowd going against you on a daily basis, I feel I relate with “Forever 21” in a quintessential way. The formal, yet classy clothes give you the confidence to leave a mark wherever you go, be it the workplace or a casual gathering. They make you feel beautiful and proud for who you are. Being associated such a brand, I would like to promote this feeling in the young population, to encourage them to “dress for the job you want, not the one you have”