MDI Gurgaon – New Beginnings

Experience :

We have all heard a thousand times about the importance of being independent. But nobody can teach us to be one, we learn it ourselves. Leaving my sheltered single-child space back in Hyderabad, to pursue MBA at MDI Gurgaon was like moving mountains. It takes great efforts for some people to move out of their comfort zone and I was definitely one of them. A lot of things seemed new to me, the people, language, culture and behaviour. I feared being unwelcome to the new space and dreaded the two years to come. It made me doubt my decisions and my motive to become an independent individual. But it is with the time that I realise that all things happen for a cause. Things seemed to become better every day. I found like-minded people, inspirational individuals, new lessons and experiences to learn from every single day. I can gradually see myself breaking out of my nutshell and moving towards the person I always wanted to be. All thanks to MDI that opens its arms wide open for all its students and nurtures the spirit of growth and togetherness among each one of us.

Aditya Birla Group brand association :

The Aditya Birla Group of companies is one of the biggest Indian multinational conglomerates and one of the classic examples of conducting the business of superior value for the greater good of the society. I admire the values the organisation follows and integrity being one of the most essential values of the organisation casts no doubt on the fact that it has grown to be such a big name in the world of business. Commitment and passion the company has towards the work they do make them outshine in every field of their business. The most appealing factor to me about the organisation is its work towards the society that includes various community initiatives and rural development programmes all over the country, focussing on the Girl child, health, education, women empowerment etc.

To be a part of Aditya Birla Group will always be a matter of great pride, be it any of the companies. It would be a great opportunity to live my dream to work not just for my good but also for the society. But if I had to pick one then it would be the Hindalco Industries. It’s not just one of the most powerful and sustainable companies in the country but is a great source of bread and butter to a great number of workforce. And as a Human Resource Management student, there can be no better place to start your career from.