MDI Gurgaon – Through The Red Brick Walls

MDI is a lush paradise with wide boulevards and scenic greenery though it stands between the congested lanes and concrete and glass towers of Gurgaon which makes its beauty stand out even more so. I arrived here to gain more than just education and opportunities. I also want to gain experiences and connections that will last a lifetime. And this memorable incident narrates one such interesting experience that will always bring a smile on my face. So it happened after a few days after I entered MDI. Our college has a laundry service which offers door to door collection and delivery, which is a boon for the students. I was waiting for my clothes to be picked up after I had informed the laundry shop owner on the campus over the phone. Waiting for someone to arrive, I went outside my room for a little bit. I saw a guy was carrying laundry in a bag and walking out of the hostel. I mistook him for the laundry delivery guy and called out to him asking why he didn’t show up at my room to collect laundry. He turned around and looked back at me with an angered look on his face and that made it pretty clear to me that it was someone else. It became pretty clear that he was a fellow student as well and several people around us laughed at me and I apologized to him. He turned out to be a class fellow and we together laughed at that incident and we became really good friends.


I would like to work for Aditya Birla Nuvo Limited in its large-scale renewable energy platform focused on developing utility-scale solar power plants in India. I have a 6 month internship on a Solar Power Plant owing to my interest in working in the domain of Renewable Energy Resources. I developed a taste for it during my while studying the subject of Renewable Energy Sources during my graduation in Mechanical Engineering in which I also gained a perfect 10 pointer. I want to work in this domain as I believe it to be really prospective for humanity and worth pursuing owing to my prior internship experience and inclination towards this field. To work for an Indian Multinational Conglomerate such as Aditya Birla Group would be a matter of pride for me. This group has been a shining name among the best business houses of the world owing to its prestigious position and exemplary growth and I would love to be a part of this respected family.